Apple Event WWDC 2019

If Apple is replacing iTunes on the Mac with Marzipan apps (Music, Podcasts, and TV), I wonder what will become of iTunes on Windows.

I don’t think they ported them, per se… it’s more likely they’ve been maintained all along. But not everyone uses XCode. It’s not a big deal regardless. But both at once does make things somewhat simpler for devs.

The word on the street is it’s not a Marzipan app. From what I have heard, the Music app is going to be iTunes with a lot of crap removed. You can still rip cds and the like. I am not sure about how it handles device backups, etc.

I doubt that the UI Kit APIs have always been x86. But hey, Apple surprised us on that sort of thing before, it’s possible.

Everybody uses Xcode for iOS apps, because you basically have no choice. There are technically alternatives like Appcode but you don’t hear much about em.

It depends what you’re working on. Some developers spend most of their time in other environments, only launching Xcode to package and sign their pre-compiled code. Not everyone cares about simulator compatibility, so it’s not uncommon not to have x86 binaries included.

That said, none of those people (or the vendors whose frameworks they’re using) will have much trouble adding those binaries whenever they want. I’ll stop splitting hairs now :-)

I am a little annoyed that Steam isn’t 64b yet. I know 10.15 won’t be released until September, but they have had a year to head this problem off.

It supposedly is already, but I am still getting the warning as well. Someone said reinstalling it will fix the warning.

This tread goes into some detail on it, and has a workaround I haven’t tried yet. The actual steam version running in Activity Monitor is 64 bit.

First reveal: new TV+ series from Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica EP) called For All Mankind, which is about what happens when the Soviets are the first to land on the moon.

It stars Joel Kinnaman, who I hate.

Second reveal: multi-user support for tvOS. Will it come for iPad, too??

Third reveal: AppleTV to be compatible with Xbox One and PS4 controllers.

I grinned. The fact that I can use my DS4’s with Apple TV games makes it that much more likely that I’ll subscribe to Apple Arcade.

watchOS update: Big news is stand-alone apps on the Apple Watch, available through the App Store directly on the Watch. No need to have the app on your iPhone anymore.

You’ll also be able to stream directly to the Watch.

I think that’s the first show on the service I’ve had any interest in.

I’m shocked the health app didn’t already have menstrual cycle tracking. That’s 50% of the world’s population who would benefit from it. What took them so long?

There are a bunch of really good cycle tracking apps already. I don’t think Apple would have added it if there wasn’t that data selling scandal with one of them. Users need a trusted first party option.

My wife and I both log into one Kindara account and track a bunch of extra data in it, and Kindara is (I think) good about privacy, so we will most likely stick with that.

I’m very curious to see if Spotify or Overcast get access to the new audio streaming APIs in watchOS 6.

I guarantee it. No way they’d launch streaming without Spotify.

I always like it when Apple touts performance as the #1 feature of a new iOS.

I love Tim and Craig’s annual dunk on Android’s updated devices.

iOS 13’s big feature: dark mode.