Apple Free Challenge

Starting next week, I will be 100% free of all Apple mobile and computer products for the next month at least, with the following exceptions:

(1) I have an Apple TV that I will still use because I have HBO Max and Roku doesn’t, so…
(2) I need to occasionally (once or twice a month) use my MBP 15 for some specific financial work.

Other than the above, I will be sans-Apple. No Air Pods, no Apple Watch, no iPhone Max, and no iPad. I am on AT&T so I probably need either a Samsung or Google device to receive the full droid experience. What I will be using:

(1) All Windows 10, all of the time.
(2) Samsung S20 Ultra 128 GB with 512 microsd card
(3) Galaxy Buds +
(4) Galaxy Tab S6 (arriving in a couple of weeks)

I am a long-time Apple mobile used, short-time macOS user, so this transition will mainly impact my mobile life and computer integration. I primarily want to see if the value proposition that is Windows/Android trumps the, I guess, coolness proposition of Apple products. I am also doing this in an environment where I am the only person not using Apple products in my house and where all of my extended family use iPhones.

Edit - forgot, I will also use a Galaxy Watch

How do you access media like music and podcasts? As long as you’re using platform agnostic services and apps, the transition is incredibly easy IMO. Most major services have identical apps accross both OS these days…

I am a hardcore Amazon HD music user. Otherwise, I use an app to play FLAC that I’ve recorded over the years. I also have a subscription to Spotify, but the rest of my family uses that.

For music the change should be pretty easy for you, once you load those FLAC files. I think most streaming service apps (Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Google) will also play external downloaded files via their apps, but if you want the sky is the limit for how many player apps you could experiment with.

Never even thought about this and it turns out that the Amazon Music player allows the playing of local files.

Err… where is the challenge?

The challenge is to not scurry back to the wonderful walled mobile garden where most things just work.

I look forward to the posts where you don’t like your current Android device and spend a few thousand buying phones and returning them. :-P

People always make it sound like things don’t work in a PC/Android environment. I’ve been using win 10 since it came out and everything has always worked. I have a Samsung phone that I’ve never had problems with other than it’s really old now and the battery dies quickly.

hehe… yeah, I don’t get it.

I think that’s selfish to force friends and family to have green bubbles. I still haven’t forgiven my brother.

Everything will work other than iMessage, shrug.

I actually run MacOS in a VM just so I can type into iMessage from my windows computer.

I too am amused by this challenge. It comes with exceptions, and it sounds like it might only last a month?

Do you really want to spend $1000 on a phone and accessories to see if it helps you save money? Are you sure you’re not looking for an excuse to buy more gadgets?

Initial observation based on your loadout: You’ll likely not much like that watch from all the reviews I’ve ever seen.

Good luck in any case! I sincerely look forward to your future input.


Not to speak for Chris, but see his Mac Challenge thread. Money is no object.

Oh thanks, I see. So this really is a genuine experiment. Carry on and enjoy. I’ll just quietly mute the thread.

Yeah, the “Mac Challenge” ended up in something like 3 laptops purchased, and a solemn swear to never use Windows again which lasted less than 12 hours.

Chris’s terms and conditions for his challenges make car dealers t&cs look brief,

Hehe, now that is funny.

This whole tilting at windmills thing is a general learning experience for me. I learned quite a bit about macOS during the Mac challenge, but ultimately I need Windows. I hope to learn a lot about android in this challenge and see if it supports my work processes better than Apple does.

My hope is that I can live in a Windows/Android world as happily as I did in a Windows/Apple world. Time will tell.

We need a bingo card for this. Free slot is “buying new Apple stuff” or a “promise lasting less than 12 hours”. I think we are safe from “obscure time zone issue” though.,