Apple Free Challenge

Still exists by the way, but I’ve learned to live with it…

Fun idea! I like how you’re starting this a week before WWDC.

So say we all.

Which VM client do you use for this? I like this idea. iMessage when using my MBP is so convenient. Also, one person in a group iMessage chat switching to Android sucks. My family switched to slack because of it. Which is OK now that we have channels and such, but initially everyone was super annoyed.

I use KVM/QEMU on a Linux box and VNC into it. Kinda silly to use 4GB RAM for a single application but it is what it is.

Is the annoyance that everybody is green or is there a practical problem? I’m assuming there’s an issue with media file sharing, but other than that, are there other issues?

No it actually just flat out breaks at first. People start missing messages. When we switched to group SMS we started getting problems like messages out of order, character limits, etc. Hate Apple all you want, but the iMessage experience is 1000x better than stock SMS/MMS.

I wonder if I should pitch everybody switching to WhatsApp. Switching to slack might tax my families’ technical expertise.

We like to use AirDrop a lot (mostly for quickly sharing photos), so this part would kinda suck.

The problem you can run into is, SMS fits nicely into a unified message app. It doesn’t matter who, or what sends me a message, the Messages app (or whatever the Android version it) handles it.

I have one friend I use Signal with, another that uses Hangouts, and a few that use Facebook and having a ton of apps gets old.

I was under the impression that other than the media files, Android was fine to use with either Messages or the Samsung app for group texts. I just need to make sue that I click the option to respond to the group instead of individually (or something like that). I had a Note a long time ago and that compatibility wasn’t there and I remember it being a nightmare to text with iMessage people.

Right, that would be “or whatever the Android version is” line from my post.

What I was saying is if you make your family use WhatsApp, and they are all used to Messages to handle, well, SMS messages, you’re not going to be a popular person.

I thought the old switching to Android/Messages reliability thing was fixed years ago? Then you had to go to some site before you switched to deregister your number or would mess it up. And of course no one knew to do that.

I don’t like my Android friends just because I lose read receipts, share my location, the animated crap, etc. Not that it’s that important.

That part is fixed, I think.

I haven’t done many mixed-platform Messages recently. My group chats are either I’m the only non-Android user, or we are all iPhone users.

Samsung’s are super popular, but any Android Enthusiast will tell you they hate using the Samsung flavor of Android. I’d strongly recommend the new OnePlus 8 Pro over the S20 Ultra if you want a good Android experience.

Normally I’d suggest a Pixel but the 4 was a bit of a let down.

If you do stick w the S20, definitely set Gboard/Chrome/Google Photos/Android Messages, Google Calendar as your default apps. And disable Bixby ASAP.

The only bad part of messaging to iPhone users is that they’re the kind of people who ‘like’ texts. Read receipts, plenty of animations, share locations, are all standard in Android Messages. As is web based messaging from any browser.

Since video and photos storage is free and unlimited in Google photos, you just share your Photos links to media via Messages and any recipient can view in HD. I get tons of crappy low res videos and pics embedded in messages from iPhone users. Even if you’re on iPhone, Google Photos should be your go to camera media sync.

What does that even mean?

It means I get replies from Apple users saying:

Person liked: “quote of the message I just sent them”.

I also am just a like curmudgeon.

For example, I’m still puzzling over this one.

Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, fuck that. If you’re going to the heroic effort to try to get your family and friends to switch to anything, go with Signal. But I mean, good luck with that.

Yeah, this is the way I’d go if I was on anything but AT&T. The OnePlus does not get wifi calling on AT&T nor does it get 5G and I am in one of the few cities where there actually is 5G.

Yeah, just noticed that. I think I will just start with Messages and see how the world adjusts to me since my main concern seems to be fixed in 2020.