Apple iPad Event - May 7, 2024

I don’t think that’s true. I think there are some people who prefer the iPad form factor and want to use that instead of a MacBook, but are frustrated because Apple doesn’t want them to have an iPad instead of a MacBook. They want you to have an iPad AND a MacBook.

So saying that iPad OS gets it “wrong” by not having Mac-like file management and Mac-like multitasking is like saying the internal-combustion car you just bought gets it “wrong” by not having a port to charge it.

They do make plug in hybrids though.

But yes, Apple is very happy to sell you more devices.

This is correct imo.

I think the iPad is one of those weird categories where businesses aren’t exactly sure why the market exists - but it’s pretty easy to see the market disappearing if they make a misstep. Laptops aren’t going away, they’re a form factor that’s proven and expected. Tablets could go away, as the majority of people have big phones now. Android tablets are kind of a dead end coattail riders of the iPad - if the iPad went away, more than likely most of the Android tablets would go away. So Apple kind of runs the tablet industry, and what they do either keeps it going or kills it.

Because Apple can’t pin down exactly why people keep buying iPads, it’s safer to keep whatever magic sauce they have the same. If they make iPads more like laptops, will they lose laptop sales? If they make iPads less like computers, will iPad sales collapse? Nobody knows. So why change what works? But it’s super frustrating that because nobody knows how to either make it better without cannibalizing sales, or worse without killing the whole segment, they basically just keep doing the same thing over and over.

Isn’t the tablet use case “I want a big screen, but I don’t want the bulk of the L-shaped fold out keyboard and added weight “?

Using a tablet standing up and using a laptop standing up are entirely different. Reclining in bed or on the couch fit similar ergonomics.

I like to read in bed with my head already on the pillow, tablet tilted at at 45 degree angle to match my eye line. Phone screen is too small, laptop with keyboard is too big. (Yes I could use a dedicated ebook reader for this, but it’s a unitasker.)

I will definitely agree the use cases are niche though!

Yeah, the Ipad is my large book replacer (comics, pdfs for TTRPG) and also great for sheet music. It also works as a screen for the exercise bike etc. Stuff a laptop just isn’t the best form factor for.

It feels like Apple is stuffing these devices with extra power just so they can justify the cost of the device staying so high.

Like, give me the regular ipad internals with a 13 inch screen for like 499$

Android tablets do this sort of thing just fine, but they just don’t have the support an app selection Apple does.

Certainly this is the case. Otherwise they’d be perfectly fine keeping the M1 or M2 in there. But they need to give folks a reason to upgrade.

Like compare this to the Oneplus tablet

399$ 144Hz refresh screen, 2800x2000 Dolby Vision, huge battery. The cons are slower processor, android OS etc.

But like, they put all the money into the screen and battery, which are the most important tablet features. Processor isn’t important if it can run HD video and play some game apps.

The Tab S9 can run multiple monitors, comes with the pen included and can attach keyboard and mouse at a very similar size to the 13 inch Ipad pro, water resistant 256 GB storage and it retails for 799$

The ipad models are just so overpriced compared to android, and with older models still on shelves they are competing with themselves around discounts now.

Great time to buy a last gen model Ipad right now.

If you’re worried about having Chinese TikTok on your phone then you definitely shouldn’t buy a OnePlus device! Also, when they merged with Oppo and combined OxygenOS with ColorOS it was at OxygenOS’s expense. OxygenOS was actually a pretty good and clean version of Android before. It’s still fine, but that first release after the merger felt like a real step back to me.

And the Tab S9 has a micro SD slot for expanded storage.

I like my Kindles for a lot of my reading, because e-ink is less harsh on my eyes, especially at night. The iPad’s lovely screen is great for comics (which I don’t read, but have tried and yes they look great) and video, but reading a lot of text on one hurts my peepers.

Apple’s software choices for the iPad are so f’ing annoying. Bad enough there’s no calculator, but then they release the pretty decent Journal app but don’t make it available for their iOS(ish) device that actually has a decent keyboard? Jesus, I’d jump ship in a second if (1) Android tables didn’t suck so hard and (2) they hadn’t done such a good job with cross-device continuity.

+1 on the not having a calculator. I’ve never understood this.

Yeah, Federico’s brand is he’s “the iPad guy.” I think there is a lot of bias here because if he goes to using a Mac, then his reporting is just the usual Mac reporting.

That said, I do get why he likes the form factor of the iPad, but when you literally decapitate a MacBook Air to make a convertible Mac, things have definitely taken a turn.

Sort of similarly, I do enjoy Chris Lawley’s iPad videos. I think he is fair about what the iPad can, and cannot do. He used a Mac until Final Cut came out for the iPad. He also has a job that is uniquely tailored to the iPad.

At this point it would be pretty big news if Federico gave up on using the iPad as a computer. It’s his thing.

So about a week in, I like the size of 13" iPad Air. It is basically A4 and therefore the right size. But I worry that if I toss it in a bag naked, I will either break it or get a lot of scratches, especially on the back. It already got a tiny scratch in the back from goodness knows what, and I’m already extra careful. So I’m waiting for a case to arrive before making a decision of whether to keep it. And with 10th gen iPad at half the price, I’m willing to sacrifice screen real estate.

Check out dbrand skins, if you haven’t already. And a matte screen protector.

dbrand isn’t shipping skin for ipad air 13 yet, which is curious because it is basically in last gen M2 ipad pro 13 chassis. Anyway yeah it is going in a hard plastic case for added bend protection, screen protector and/or skin may have to wait until I decide to keep it.

Reasons given earlier but it’s not a great deal at half the price.

The necessity of a screen protector feels to me like it’s 2013 again? I haven’t used one on my phones or tablets in ages, maybe because I don’t have thousands of dollars invvested in them. Pixel 6 was like $600 CAD purchased outright, and tablet was maybe $350 a few years ago? (Again for a 128GB tablet, 11" and 16:10 aspect ratio). My tablet is in a cover that’s muddy right now, from leaving it on the ground while camping.

Tech is better when you’re not afraid of it. Has the iPad long ago passed not only peak value, but peak utility?

Per this, the worrying may be overdone (though the matte protector may be more for the matte than the protection).

Basically no scratches at all until Mohs 6.

iPhones and iPads have had tough screens for a long time. Some people put an overlay on their iPads to change the feel of the drawing surface, or the reflectivity. That’s just a personal preference thing.