Apple iPad Event - May 7, 2024

Yeah, I have one that’s supposed to give it more of a paper feel for drawing, but that’s the only reason I have it. Definitely is an improved texture for using with the Apple Pencil. I’d consider the nanocoating whatever version of the new iPad Pro to avoid the need for it were I in the market for a new one. But my iPad gets way gentler treatment in general than my phone, because I don’t have it with me everywhere.

It’s funny, I love the smoothness of drawing on the iPad screen. As a lefty who never really learned to deal with writing that well, dragging my hand across anything rough has always bothered me. So it’s nice to have something that doesn’t impede my hand. Maybe if I were a better artist I’d realize how to get past that and then would prefer a paper-like surface.

Nice, I like how they really catch the sound to maximize the skin crawling response to scratching such an expensive device, but I couldn’t stop watching either.

I agree the screens are all excellent these days at resisting scratches.

Oh, I didn’t know we could use left-handedness as an excuse for bad handwriting! The smearing of your hand resting where you just wrote is very real though.

I think it’s really just a preference thing. My brain really likes having the digital drawing feedback match up with the expectations it has developed from physical use of paper. So a plain smooth glass screen is just too slick feeling. Also cannot deal with a setup that doesn’t do pressure sensitivity, how hard I press should affect the strength of things because that’s how the real world works!