Apple iPad Event - May 7, 2024

You can get a Pixel Tablet with the silly dock for about $200 right now if you have any modern iPad you’re willing to trade for it.

It’s nice looking table I guess; I mean, to me, most of them look about the same! I know under the hood there are tons of differences, etc. but still it’s a sea of flat shiny things.

The challenge for me, and probably many others, is that it is fairly easy when you have an Android phone and an Android tablet, or an Apple phone and an Apple tablet. But if you have a mixed marriage as it were, then what? Even if, like me, you don’t particularly care which ecosystem you are inhabiting at any given time, it’s far from transparent and easy to shift over once you’re ensconced in one.

I’m mixed and I don’t find it too bad, but I largely use the phone and the tablet for different things.

Yeah, that’s fair. I think I could make it work as well, but a lot of folks I know are pretty much totally integrated one way or the other.

I just don’t seem to do the integration thing, other than having notifications on my watch. Like, I also have a Macbook, and I just find the Continuity stuff with the iPad annoying.

Totally unnecessary power for an iPad.

It does seem incredibly pointless to have that much power on an ipad.

That is why I wonder what sort of updates Ipad OS 18 will have. Rumor mill is that the M4 is in there for all of the AI features they plan to tie to Ipad OS 18.

I’ve never once wished my 5th Gen (2021) 12.9-inch Pro was faster. I use it mostly for consumption and light productivity/communication. It’s fantastic for that.

And honestly, the microLED screen is pretty ridiculously good.

I like the lighter weight and smarter camera placement, and the new Magic Keyboard is cool.

But I’d be looking at $1777 since I’d have to get a new Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard, just to get 0.2 pounds lighter weight, a better camera placement, and screen and performance improvements I likely wouldn’t even notice.

So, hopefully by the time my battery craps out in 2026 they’ll have an even lighter one.

Seems excessive, yes, but all comes down to how long Apple will support this model. My first gen ipad still works just fine. Seems like this one would be future proof to performance for three or four+ gens and that makes the value proposition much better. Especially if you need a new one anyway.

But what are people doing on tablets that requires all that CPU power?

I’m genuinely curious. I use a tablet for typical “tablet” stuff: videos, Netflix, web surfing, PDF reading (and signing), note taking, some gaming, a little drawing, checking email if my phone is charging.

Are people doing things like editing video or using tablets as full workstations?

Drawing/editing and gaming can all make the iPad hot.

For drawing, you get more layers/larger files with better chips. They’ve been allowing more RAM use per app as the chips progress.

On faster iPads, even if you’re not pushing the processor to 100%, better chips give you longer battery life from using medium-weight apps which is nice when you’re gone all day or somehow didn’t fully charge the night before.

According to literally every apple hype video ever, this is almost exclusively what people do with Ipads. Instead of read Marvel Unlimited on the toilet.

Insert “why not both” meme here

I have my iPad set up so there’s nothing to do but make art, design or read. Panels is my main comics reader.

I got the blue iPad Air 13" on my hand right now (being in New Zealand almost full day ahead of west coast in US has its advantage…).

There won’t be an unboxing video, but my first impression is, it is just like previous gen pro 13", but with a lower refresh screen. True tone of course makes everything yellowish so I turn it off right away.

Other things to note:

  • They have forsaken plastic wrapping in favour of paper seals and tabs, which is welcoming.
  • Setup is slow, even with direct import from previous iPad, with a software update immediately recommended.
  • I can definitely see the lower refresh rate.
  • not a fan of the tiny Touch ID sensor. They are always prone to poor recognition. Smartly they make you set up two fingerprints to improve recognition through brute force.

Also, price drop on previous (5th gen) Ipad Air on Amazon. 399$ right now (11 inch 64GB)

That is the same price as the 4th gen refurbs Apple is selling. Still WAYY too small storage space, but that is just how Apple chooses to be.

WSJ’s Tech Reporter Joanna Stern on the new iPad: “the new M4 chip is crazy fast … except iPadOS is far less capable then MacOS … it’s like having the power of a Ferrari but driving it on a golf course.”

Nicely summed up “what’s wrong with the iPad” article. Maybe iPadOS 18 will fix some of these. If you’re going to put a powerful CPU in your tablet, let users take advantage of it.


  • Too many missing apps that you get by default on the Mac (ie, TextEdit, Preview, Terminal)
  • You can’t edit PDF’s like you can on the Mac
  • Files app is terrible and hasn’t been updated in years
  • iPad apps features not on par with Desktop-class apps
  • Multitasking is lacking
  • Inability for apps to run background processes (including Final Cut Pro)
  • No ability to customize the OS like you can on a Mac using system-wide utilities.
  • Spotlight is broken

Nothing inaccurate about that, but suggesting that those are things that are “wrong” is obviously subjective. I think if you want that stuff you are clearly wanting a Mac, not an iPad.

Well, Apple appears to be pushing the Ipad pro as a sort of macbook competitor, yet the OS holds it back.

I checked my Ipad Air 2 (2014) and it has 64GB of storage.

Come on apple, it took you 10 years to get 128 GB on the base model air? The Gen5 air had 64gb as the base (the same as the regular ass ipad). The stinginess on storage bugs me to no end, storage is so fucking cheap, yet the charge ludicrous price jumps for more.

Anyway, you honestly don’t need that much more than 128 GB anyway. You get all of the streaming apps, the OS, and a smattering of downloaded content and you probably hit around 30-40GB of space.