Apple iPhone 13 event - September 14, 2021

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max - supposedly a narrower notch, standard camera updates, 120Hz screen for high-end models

Very likely:
New Apple Watch Series 7 with flat sides, 41 and 45mm sizes
AirPods 3. They’ll look more like AirPod Pro. Supposedly AirPods 2 will stick around as the low-end model

Looks unlikely:
New MacBook Pros, Mac Minis, and iMacs. These will come at a different event in a couple weeks.

I’m upgrading my watch unless something surprising happens. Really hoping to stay strong on the phone.

I am still rocking my series 5 watch, so I will upgrade to series 7. I’m in the iPhone upgrade plan, but am worried about battery life with the new phones. If that looks sketchy, I’ll keep my 12 for now. Could not care less about AirPods…

Money is set aside for the new MBP 16 whenever that arrives!

Will get an iPhone 13 Pro since I am on the annual upgrade program. Not sure on the watch. I use my Garmin watch a lot more because it is better at fitness, but I like the Apple Watch more for everyday stuff. And I use Apple Fitness. Will have to see what they come up with this year.

My 1st gen AirPods are about dead due to the batteries. AirPod Pros don’t fit me. So I guess I will get some AirPods 3 as long as they aren’t rubber/foam tipped.

iMac Pro if it happens, but it’s not happening.

The yearly updates are so boring now. 120 hz is nice but it’s been on most competitor phones for years, so it feels like matching the new standard. I’m long past caring about camera quality. Just give me infinite battery life. The satellite rumor was at least intriguing.

The only thing that has given me new phone lust is the new Samsung folding stuff. That’s really something I have never been able to do with my phone, especially the tablet one.

Best case scenario is the adaptive refresh l display doubles battery life. That would be awesome.

I’ll be curious to see if Apple completely ditches the touch bar on the new MBP. I don’t miss it at all on my M1 MBA. In fact it made my decision to go with the MBA over the MBP an easy one.

As for iPhones, I don’t think anything about the 13 will compel me to upgrade my 12. It might have an always-on 1Hz lock screen, like some Android phones. Nice feature but not enough to make me upgrade. I hear next year’s iPhones Pro’s will be made of titanium, which will make them lighter. I hope that rumor is true.

Same here. I feel the AW is due for a re-design.

I will still be rocking my series 0 and iPhone 8 Plus after the event. They still work and meet my needs.

Your battery must last all of an hour by now! The watch has come along ways since then. I am guessing you don’t use it for much beyond the time?

It lasts all day actually. Most of the time. Rarely do it get into a state where the battery starts draining around 7-8pm.

All I use it for is unlocking my Mac and Messages notifications.

My series 5 watch will be down to 20% or so at the end of the day if I use it during workouts outside. It has gradually gone down over the years so it is time for me to upgrade I think.

I’ll keep upgrading my watch every year so long as they’re making it significantly better and I have a good home or price for the old one. Probably going back to cellular this year, too. I did WiFi only for the Series 6 for covid due to not going many places and I’m feeling more optimistic about the next twelve months.


The 27 might be nice :-)

Semi-surprise iPad announce coming. This is the low-end model. No change to design (still uses TouchID and has big bezels). New A13 Bionic chip. Big upgrade to front camera - I guess they’re going for at-home learning and conferencing. TrueTone display. Starts at $329 for 64GB. $299 for schools. Available next week. This is a great option for someone who just wants a simple media consumption device.

Ooh, iPad Mini update coming. Looks like the iPad Air but smaller. FaceID, USB-C charging, narrow bezels. All the modern iPad updates - 5G, faster processor, better cameras and speakers, etc.

Hmm, the iPad mini is a pretty significant upgrade this time around.

New iPad Mini starts at $499. Maybe a touch high for what it is. IMO $429 would have been more appropriate, but whadyagonna do?

Apple Watch update.

Cycling updates for Watch OS 7

Series 7. Oh wow, leakers got the design TOTALLY wrong. Still rounded edges. I don’t think I’ve seen leakers get something this wrong about Apple in a long time. There were tons of renders of a new design with flat edges - it felt like it was a sure thing.

So far nothing ground breaking. More durable and bigger screen. 45 mins to go from 0% to 80% charge.

Series 7 starts at $399. Available “later this Fall.” I guess the rumors of production issues were true.

Hmm, 18 hours = all day battery life for AW7? And available “in the Fall.” Sigh.

Yeah the AW7 is a bit disappointing. No compelling reason to upgrade from the Series 5 that I can see.

Dang, guess I’m not buying the watch. It looks nice but I wanted a processor update, too.