Apple MacBook Pro Retina Price Drop

So I purchased a very shiny MacBook Pro Retina, 8 GB RAM, 2.6 i7, 512 GB SSD on Friday. Today I found out that for the same price, I can get 16 GB RAM and a 2.7 i7. Fortunately I am within the 14-day return window, so back to the Apple Store I go. My new and improved MBP will be here tomorrow. I could have waited a week for the new MBP to hit the retail store, but I got the new maxed version shipped to me overnight.

I was very impressed with Apple support. I had a conversation with the store in Bellevue and two with Apple support in Austin with no wait time at all.

Yeah I got the baseline 15" model about 2 weeks ago and am trying to determine if it’s worth bringing it back for the .1 Ghz upgrade (from 2.3 to 2.4).

Yea it was overpriced. I’m even more tempted… but Haswell. GT3e.

If you got it two weeks ago you should absolutely get the exchange. Why not?

The new 13" MBP retina is only a $200 premium over the 13" MBA, assuming you get the $100 upgrade to 8GB RAM (and really, everybody should). For that $200 you get a much faster CPU, a gorgeous screen, and an extra half pound of weight. Seems like a great tradeoff to me.