Apple message on iPad suddenly no longer syncs/works


Out of nowhere today, I can no longer send or receive messages via Apple messaging (the green icon thingie). I had it synced to Verizon my carrier, and now I can only get messages via their software which I really don’t like. A similar thing happened to my Uncle a year ago and he never was able to fix it.

I know very little about the Apple ecosystem, so I have no idea where to look to try and figure out what might be going on. Can someone help?


Dude, all my Apple devices have had iMessage stop working over the last month or two.

From what i can tell the only fix is as follows:

Sign out of iCloud. Reboot. Sign back in. Reboot.

Super annoying though because recent changes to what the “Documents” folder is has made this a harrowing process with Macs as “Documents” now lives on the iCloud, and signing out will attempt to erase them locally. When you sign back in suddenly things are out of sync, and it’s not at all certain you’ll get everything back again without a lot of crossed fingers. Also iCloud is in no hurry to help you get resynced and the download speeds are slow. A few dozen GB can take hours.


I have had it happen, but not for a long time. I was starting think it was more stable now, but maybe not. I am curious what is this Verizon thing you did though? First I would turn that off, uninstall it and reboot.

Did you try a soft reboot. Hold both buttons down until you see the Apple logo? That fixes 99% of my problems.

The next steps is what @Enidigm said, with signing out of iCloud. That worked for me when it happened last time.

If you do a Google search there are hundreds of articles on this, you can try that as well.


I really didn’t even know where to start with this, so I posted here :)
Thanks, I will give everything you both mentioned the run through.


Go into settings as well and make sure the Verizon thing didn’t override it. Your wording suggests that this Verizon thing replaced Messages.

What is the Verizon thing supposed to do for you? If you’re trying to get SMS messages on your iPad, if you use an iPhone, you can get them to sync so you will get SMS messages as well.


I had them synced all along.


So in the end I did have to log out of iCloud and do all that stuff. What a stupid, moronic setup that is. I really can’t put into words how dumb it is that is demands to wipe my tablet of almost everything, and then redownload everything… which took all freaking day.


I guess you have all your pictures in iCloud and erased them and redownloaded them? That’s the only thing I can think of. I just signed out and signed back in. Took a couple of minutes last time I did it. Highly suggest reading Apple support pages on this stuff. It will walk you through it. iMore is also handy for how-to stuff.

Apple store Genuis guys will do it all for you for free as well.

The whole Apple “just works” thing is a joke, but it shouldn’t be this bad. If I had half the problems you have with that iPad, I would switch to an Android device. :-)

Was listening to a podcast and the Verizon messaging app came up (Verizon Plus is it called?). They were laughing about what garbage it is. Is that what you installed?


Yep, but to their credit, if I hadn’t has that installed I wouldn’t have realized I was missing messages. I just assumed iMessages always worked.


Now I am even more curious. What messages aren’t you getting in Messages? I assume you’re talking about SMS messages. You get those on your regular phone, right? Unless you use an iPhone, not sure you can get SMS messages on an iPad (that’s not Messages fault). Isn’t that the point of Verizon Plus, to get Verizon/SMS messages on your iPad when you don’t have a iPhone? From the sound of it, that app caused this mess in the first place. Verizon Plus tries to override Messages, but is so bad it screws it up.


You can link Apple messaging to take the Verizon SMS. I’ve always done that if that’s what tier ajsjbg