Apple Refurbs

I’ve been watching Ebay for the past couple months trying to get my hands on a decent used Macbook but the prices are too damn high. But it turns out that Apple sells refurbs.

I just picked up a Macbook for $849 w/free shipping. It’s one of the new models with the updated graphics chip. According to their refurb policy it could have been returned due to defect or just if somebody changed their mind. It does come with a 1-year warranty, however.

Anyway, they seem to be going fast. I was on last night ready to pull the trigger on a $799 model (older graphics) but this morning they were all gone. Kinda glad about that actually…

So…looks like I’m joining the Mac crowd now! Actually, I’m “bi” since I still have 4 Windoze rigs in service.

I have a friend that owns one and has no problems with it so far-conversely, the one he bought off Craigs List a year ago for cheap died on him about 6 months in-so going with the Apple warranty is absolutely the way to go. I would really really kill for a a Macbook (regular or pro) but I just have trouble justifying it with the veritable super-computer sitting in my game room.

Over the past eight years, I’ve bought three Apple laptops via the refurb section of the Apple website and have no complaints about any of them. They’re all eligible for Applecare, so now worries about the unit failing on you.

My only problem with the new line is the MacBooks don’t feel very well constructed. My 2001 iBook is more solid than the MacBook. I sold my white MacBook after 6 months and picked up a MacBook Pro. The MacBook is a nice, light(ish), fast computer. Well suited to surfing or word processing or light graphics work, but it doesn’t feel like it would stand up very well to sustained, daily use. The MacBook Pro feels like a workhorse.

My refurb Mini’s bluetooth died a couple months after purchase, and i discovered what a pain in the ass it was to send stuff to repair; Apple themselves won’t accept returns except at their Apple stores, and so unless you live in a metropolitian area you’re going to have to dig out an authorized repair center yourself. The information they did have on file about possible local and regional options was at least, and sometimes greater, than five years out of date. I finally found an Austin based 3rd party shop but i had to pay for shipping both ways. Not cool.

I would have gotten a refurb Macbook (I got my wife’s Nano as a refurb and it still works great despite some neglect), but I wanted 2GB ram and they were selling them with 1. It would have wrecked any savings to buy RAM to replace what comes with it, but if you like what they have it’s a great way to save some money.

This wasn’t recent I hope; Austin has an Apple store currently.

Only Apple refurbs I’ve owned have been two iPods… a very early one (2nd gen I think) which died a little over a year and a mini, which worked up until the point where I dropped it in a cup of iced tea. I am seriously thinking about getting a refurb iPhone but I dunno…

— Alan

I have a powerbook that I got off of Craigslist that has been a dream.
It was a couple years old when I bought it and I’ve had it about 2 years.

The refurb ipod I have just died the other day (I did disconnect it without ejecting it so I guess its my fault).

The refurb ipod I have just died the other day (I did disconnect it without ejecting it so I guess its my fault).

Are you sure it’s dead? I can’t imagine that killing the device. There’s a reset thingy on the bottom you can hit with a pin I think that might help.

I’ll second the AppleCare thing. It really is one of the few extended warranties I’d ever recommend someone getting. I spent a couple years doing tech support for Apple, and I know at least in our call center, we would go above and beyond whatever was stipulated in the contract. i.e. we’d get into useage and such, and not just technical issues. Also, if you have to send in your product, there is no fuss, really. However, with all things, you will run into those unhelpful assholes from time to time. Then again, my call center went under because we were apparently lying to Apple about our metrics. Go figure.

Erik J.

Hmm, really? I did all the reset and reset to disk stuff, where is this magic button?

I was going to take it in and see if the Mac Store goons could do anything with it.

When you go to reset it Jack, make sure you have it plugged into the wall like you were charging it, not your computer or anything. Plug into wall, reset (look up how to do it for your particular type), and see what happens. Usually that will clear things right up for those iPods who are unresponsive, depending on the version.

Erik J.

EDIT: If you do the same thing setting it to Disk Mode, and you can’t reformat it through your computer, then you might be out of luck.

Crap, I might be wrong. I just tried to google it and came up empty. I must be misremembering, sorry.

It’s not a pin, just a button sequence you do when the unit is plugged into the wall. Close enough, though.

Erik J.

I totally froze my refurb’d mini one time and couldn’t do anything with it, just had to let the battery run down before I could even get into it.

— Alan

I’ve got a 9-month old HP 17" notebook that is souped-up with TV tuner, dedicated gfx, etc but I need the Mac to learn the OS for my biz. I’m running into a lot more Macs than evar before…

Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a shot.

This is exactly why I’ve been eyeing the refurb Macbooks for the last month and will probably pull the trigger on one next week.

Yup, glad I found the site as I’d been watching Ebay for about a month but even 2-3 year old iBooks are going for $600! At least they hold their value…

Thx for the heads up. I’m going to get a refurb iMac…

My 5.6lbs bundle of joy!