Apple "Scary Fast" Event on October 30th

I have an M2 MBP 14" for work… the screen is absolutely beautiful - far better than any other laptop screen I’ve used. I consider that part of the value proposition.

Apple is funny in that I completely agree that the quality of it is superior to PC… but having a Mac at home (I have a M1 16gb 1tb iMac myself) means I have to also have PCs for work and play. I can’t do work on a Mac, and I can’t play - or at least there’s no reason to get rid of my perfectly working but horror show of wires and cables PC gaming system - except if I decide to commit to the casual gamer lifestyle.

So the ultimate use case for getting the perfect all-in-one is a dedicated PC and camera and printing room upstairs. While the iMac screen and speakers functionality is superior moment to moment, I can’t get it to actually be the all-in-one I need.

So writing, reading, research, casual /indie gaming, programming research and photography are Mac, Autodesk products and associated softwares are PC (workstation), and the old Alienware is the Steam and Game Pass system.

Apple becomes “AND ALSO” rather than “ONLY” and on some level this feels like the greatest marketing trick of all time.

$1600 for a laptop with 8GB RAM, and it’s nearly 2024. Never change, Apple.

My solution is to have a killer PC desktop for Windows and gaming, a 15" Macbook AIr M2 for portable stuff, and I can remote into the PC if I really need a Windows app.

Though I haven’t really needed a (non-game) Windows app since I left Microsoft.

Many are hypothesizing that the M3 earlier release was partially driven by Qualcom’s latest ARM CPU reveal, which makes sense. If Qualcom’s chip comes close to its benchmarks with an actual functioning Windows version (by that I mean a real Windows with a rosetta 2 - like translator), that could be a game changer in the laptop world. And by game changing I mean you couldn’t get away with $1600 for an 8 GB RAM computer unless you absolutely had to use a Mac for something.

That and the Intel 14th gen mobile, yes.

$1600 for 8GB RAM really is offensive to me.

The M3s are on the timeframe Apple usually releases Macs (October/Nov). What makes them seem early is the M2s were late. January is not a normal time for Apple to release Macs.

I’d expect with Apple silicon we will see yearly refreshes of at least the MacBook line.

Probably going from M1 Max to M3 Max. Love that they doubled down (well, 50% downed) on performance cores there. Going from two efficiency cores to 4 roughly 50% faster efficiency cores also won’t hurt.

Correction, this may be the reason behind the weird release schedule “The Mac business was hit particularly hard, down 34 percent year over year.”

I am not sure why you keep thinking this release schedule is weird? The weird one was the M2 MacBook Pros. This puts then back on the usual schedule.

Weird in the sense that there was a short time period between that last release (for whatever reason). They could have also delayed it to milk the M2 more but chose not to.

Apple likes their cadences: March for iPads; iPhone September; October Macs.

I am trying out a MBP 16 M3 Max 40 Core w/ 48 GB RAM and it is pretty good as an overall laptop (same as the M2 laptops were good, but just faster) although I don’t notice a huge improvement in battery life compared to my current M2s or the M1 Pro that I sold to get this. It is very game capable for those few that work in MacOS. World of Warcraft runs comfortably at 60 FPS (capped) on a 5K screen on 7 setting without any tweaking. I also had an M2 MBA attached to my monitor and it also ran WoW nicely capped at 60 FPS, but can’t remember the setting level. Main difference - MBP 16 fans kick in and boy do they kick in. Not sure if the “performance mode” that supposedly starts when games are played is the culprit.

I didn’t play WoW long enough on the MBA to see if throttling eventually happens because of heat, but I do miss the silence.

My M2 MBA 15 handles longish Baldur’s Gate 3 sessions without any noticeable thermal throttling issues. Haven’t checked FPS but they’re fast-enough for an RPG. :)

Yeah, I think I can force the MBP 16 out of performance mode (I think I initially set it to automatic in the settings) so I am going to see if I can get good performance with no helicopter noise in one of the other less noisy settings.

You were probably running at native resolution or something. Use scaling and that will fix it.

I reduced WoW to 4K instead of 5K and made around two other changes and it runs much quieter, Fans still turn on, but at a much lower noise level. Still, if I wanted to, it is impressive that I can run WoW at the same graphics levels as my i9 4090 desktop setup. This and BG3 will be Mac-only games for now (Blizzard usually eventually screws up something with Mac). I am even mildly curios to see how good CrossOver works with other games (like Diablo IV).

That’s pretty cool. Do you have an idea if it’s maxing the efficiency cores in addition to the performance cores in that mode?

I want to keep my M1 Max three years but I’m finding the idea of the M3 Max highly tempting.

The only info I have on that is via iStats menu. When I am playing the game it is using 5 cores at peak load, but not certain which cores.

Interesting. I’m sure they are performance cores then. I wonder if five is the game’s limitation or if it’s just running what it needs to hit target FPS.