Apple--"Sorry, your cash is no good for that iPhone"

Isn’t it, like, illegal to refuse to accept US currency?

You have to accept some type of U.S. currency. But there is no law that says it must be in the form of cash.

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Yeah. Online retailers, for instance, often don’t accept cash, either. It’s not a big deal.

I studied this law pretty closely when I worked for the US Mint. It stems from some Coinage Act, I forget what year. Edit: I think it was 1965.

Basically, you must accept US Currency for any debt owed you. This means you can’t refuse payment once debt is incurred. So, for instance if you go into a restaurant and eat a meal, they must accept Us Currency as consideration for said debt. If you want to pay your mortgage in cash, they must accept. Same with taxes owed to the government, fees, civil lawsuit damages, etc.

However, sellers are NOT required to accept cash as payment for goods offered. Examples would be credit card only vending machines, online retailers, anyone like that. Notice on US currency it says “For All Debts Public and Private”. Debts, not payment. Subtle distinction but there you go.

So what’s the thinking behind banning cash? Is it easier to trace the unlocked iPhones serial numbers to credit card numbers?

No. You merely refuse to sell the phone to anyone who has used that card to purchase two iPhones already.

The point is moot if you have Discovercard, though, because you can generate one-time credit card numbers for online purchases.

This is positively ridiculous.

Unfortunately, people are sheep and they won’t stop buying iPhones because of it, though they really should.

Ridiculous because clearly Apple should be charging $1000 for the iPhone Dave?

Why is it ridiculous? Apple doesn’t want their product, however popular, to fall prey to widespread holiday speculation.

How many people really walk into an Apple store and pull out a giant wad of cash to buy stuff?

I fail to see how Apple is hurting the ability of the consumer to, you know, actually be able to buy one of their phones this Christmas.

It’s cash. It’s real money. Hence, it’s ridiculous.

Your post smacks of the same kind of bullshit that has led us to the current DRM laws. Gotta protect that big business! They need our consumer help!

Dave is right. Cash is money. The end.

Doesn’t Apple have enough publicity issues right now that they constantly need to announce a new foot up their own asses every few days?

Um, how is this Apple protecting themselves? How is it something other than Apple caring that people are able to buy iPhones without having to resort to paying a mark-up on eBay?

This is 2007, not 1957, please explain to me how this is a consumer hostile move for people in the market for a $400 phone.

I wish Sony had gone with this approach for the PS2, or something like it. Not so much for the PS3, because watching those auctions die on their own was hilarious. But definitely for the PS2.

Publicity issues? Apple is kicking ass and taking names. This is the best Apple’s ever been. What are you talking about?

I we had little thumbs up or little stars or little Kitsunes for helpful, informative posts, I would give this one. Very interesting.

The bricking, the price drop, the bricking reversal etc.

That would make sense if their product was being released to high demand during the holidays, but it’s been out for months with plenty of supply.

I’m guessing that they don’t want it being bought by professional unlockers who will unlock them and sell them at a markup for any network.

True, but demand for the holiday quarter is likely to be high.

At this same time, you’re right about the side effect of also suppressing unlock resellers. I guess the question will be whether or not Apple continues the policy after the holidays.

Pre-paid debit cards are hard to come by these days.

Apple’s hilarious. If people are speculating in your product, you haven’t raised the price enough, you dumbasses. I guess they’re going for the limited production run/hype angle.