Apple Store: You're a liar. No battery replacement for you!

I’ve got a 16-month-old iPad 2. Like an idiot, I didn’t get the AppleCare plan (just forgot until it was too late).

Recently, the iPad has not been holding much of a charge. Now, I know that battery performance will degrade somewhat over time…but I’m getting 35 to 40 percent of what battery life would be for a new iPad.
(P.S. Yes, I tried charging it with a different iPad charger, and on three different outlets. It charges fully, but in all attempts battery life is 35 to 40 pct of advertised for a new iPad.

So, I figure I’ll get Apple’s out of warranty battery replacement service, bite the bullet on the $99. Take it in to my local Apple Store. Tell them what problem is, they take it to run some tests…and then bring it back because according to them it’s getting 85 percent of battery life! I told them what I’d been through, more than one charger/charging in multiple outlets…no dice. Their response was “well, this is what it’s showing us, you so have to be mistaken about something. Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do to help you.”

Last Apple product I buy. I don’t appreciate being called a liar by a snot-nosed kid who nearly laughed in my face.

Has anyone else experienced Apple’s customer service to be this bad?

Did you ask to speak to a manager or did you just turn and leave? Sometimes employees are dicks. That isn’t necessarily Apple’s policy.

Yes I asked for a manager. He spoke to the employee, and then just parroted the same thing.

Gulf, why would you come to these forums and lie about your battery? Test showed it 80%, that means it is at 80% and you will like it!

LOL Sinji…that was basically their attitude :).

Their tests are more accurate than your memory. This isn’t about “lying” and it’s unproductive to phrase the issue in that way, as if this was some personal attack. There are all sorts of things that can affect battery life, like a new iOS version, Bluetooth, WiFi, brightness settings, location services, etc… many of which might not have been turned on when you got the device.

If it’s none of those, my guess is that you need to recalibrate the battery by letting the whole iPad drain to zero until it shuts off, then charging it up to 100% without using it. Try that.

Also, if you are jailbroken, you can check out the same data that Apple is using to figure out how much your battery has degraded. It’s called Check Battery Health.

My settings have ALWAYS been optimized to maximize battery life. No Bluetooth use, brightness kept low, location services off…

I’ve tried recalibrating the battery. And it was an issue of being called a liar. I told the Genius Bar guy and the manager the same thing–I know how long this sucker lasted. What their test said may be one thing, but I know what battery life I got at home. For them to basically call me a liar…is BS.

Or you can just replace your own battery. I just did mine for under $20 including battery and tools.

And I did get the extended care but it was easier for me to just replace it myself than take it to Apple since I was afraid I’d have to open it up anyway to replace my aftermarket wooden backplate with the original cracked glass one.

This was on an iPad?

Apple support is generally terrible. I have hundreds of apple devices. That’s how they get you locked in. If I can’t fix something myself, I just buy a new one. It sucks.

This story is odd. Why does the Apple store not just want to take your 99 bucks? You weren’t asking for a free warranty repair.

Also, they’re not really calling you a liar. From a tech support POV, they’re really calling you a dumbass, someone who vaguely thinks something is wrong with their battery despite their tests indicating it’s okay.

The answer, of course, is to actively break your battery and then take it back. Maybe cut it open with a knife or something. That’ll show them!

I had to deal with Apple service recently. Try calling Apple instead of going to the store. When it comes down to it, ALL of the people in the store are required to follow whatever flowchart Apple HQ gives them. If the diagnostic test they are given to use doesn’t show there is a problem, they’re not going to fix it. However, if you can escalate it beyond the store, to a higher level of decision-making Applecare, they may fix it for you.

I do love that they call their support personnel “geniuses” and then strictly limit them procedurally to what they can do. Sort of the opposite of how you get the best results out of a “genius.”

Garbage in, garbage out.

You must have been unlikable in some way. I’ve had nothing but praise for the different Apple Store staff I’ve dealt with. Most cases they will do a swap for free if it’s within a month of warranty. Other times, when there’s an obvious willingness to pay the fee and advance knowledge of it, there is no friction to getting the swap done. Or that Apple Store you dealt with was extra-douchey.

What I hate dealing with when I go to the Apple Store are the other CUSTOMERS who crowd the store.

Aw, no IPhone. Just ignore my post. Call the Apple store on the phone, politely explain your problem and see if they’ll schedule you an appointment with someone with social skills. I can’t believe they won’t take your $99 bucks.

The business reps, whom I have to deal with, are always extra-extra-douchey.

Maybe it’s your charming personality that brings it out of them?

It’s your punishment for using apple products, apple is not broken you are citizen.