Apple TV -- Finch

I want to say that it was a terrible movie because deep down I think it was terrible.

Two things:

I love me some post-apoc.

I love me some progressive ai.

Oh and third I like Tom hanks in almost anything.

Not terrible.

I give it a thumbs up if only because it reminds me of Denzel in that movie where he is blind.

Worth a watch.

Not remembering this (The Book of Eli) is risking the wrath of the chogglepants!

I am very confused.

I think we have to just watch for ourselves and then report back on the level of terribleness .

I think KG was saying:

It was sloooow (Feels like a lot of synopsis writers use ‘heartwarming’ when they really mean ‘slow’). And a pretty linear plot. No real surprises there.

It’s fine, a bit silly, but I enjoyed it for what it is. I liked it but it was more of something to have on when doing other things.

It is very pretty.

See? Not terrible.

Dog had the best acting btw,

Look its a post-apoc movie with Tom Hanks and a great dog and a robot. You had me at “Hanks”

yeah it had some nice scenes. Post-apoc scenes are the best!

Yeah, there are worse ways to spend a couple of hours than in the company of Tom Hanks. I enjoyed it for what it was, basically an apocalyptic version of Castaway.

I thought it was fine, but I don’t understand why you’d make an otherwise ultra-capable robot that has the ability to sulk.

There was a lot of unexplained science going on, with both the robot AI and climate change (why was the climate perfectly fine all of a sudden?). I had to keep repeating to myself this was just a Tom Hanks movie and should really just relax. The story takes place sometime in the future, so it’s not completely implausible that off-the-shelf AI logic would include deep human emotion simulation, I guess.

That’s what I did. Same reasons.

This movie was great for people who want to watch Tom Hanks mutter to himself in his Mister Rogers voice while Caleb Landry Jones stands around and gets CG drawn over him while he acts like an annoying robot.

I guess the dog was cute? Also, the movie inspired meto write this riddle, which I hope you all enjoy:

Q: Who would win in a fight between Finch and Midnight Sky?
A: Greenland.


Oh c’mon that dog was cute.

I think you mean “in the not-too-distant future…”

Found Finch poking around the Apple TV movies and gave it a watch. I really enjoyed it, but then, I’m a sucker for this sort of movie. Robot-coming-of-age, grouchy old Tom Hanks, near-future post-apocalyptic wasteland, all stuff I can get behind. Definitely don’t think too hard about the science or (mostly implied) history of the world, have to just turn off the analytic brain and go with the story flow. It’s not a terribly great example of any one individual thing, but all of it together was right in my wheelhouse.

The three reasons for signing up for Apple TV were Ted Lasso, the Foundation and the two Tom Hanks movies, Greyhound and Finch. Finch, was another example of Tom Hanks’s talent for turning a slow, derivative work into a quite enjoyable movie. A Boy and his dog were funnier, and plenty post-apocalytpic movies were more suspenseful…

In fact, I’d argue the difference between Midnight sky, which I fell asleep watching after an hour or less, and Finch is Tom Hanks.

It would have been interesting production discussion. Director “We need a A-list star”, Casting, Tom Hanks is available. Producer, well there goes the budget. Exec Producers, maybe we can rewrite the script to get rid of any other actors.

Agreed on all counts. I actually really liked Greyhound, but Ted Lasso is classic.

Foundation was a bit … weird… but hey I am all for weird and … ok it was weird. Having read the books as a teenager some years ago I saw a vague resemblance.

I also liked the reese jennifer aston thing at least the first season.

We watched it about a month ago (late to the Apple TV+ game,) and felt the same way. And to what Strollen said, it’s was Tom Hanks carrying things completely. I’m sometimes floored when I think of the zany Bachelor Party Tom Hanks and try to reconcile that with a man I can’t turn away from as a serious actor now who seems to shine in any role.

I need to look that one up. We just started watching Shining Girls which seems to be excellent so far.