Apple TV+: Mythic Quest. Always Sunny + Videogames

Alright, you get a day in court.

February 7.

Chris Metzen: the TV show?

I just googled that name. Someone at Blizzard apparently. So this guy had a big ego?

If my Samsung had the apple tv app, I think this would push me over the edge to sub. It doesn’t, though, and I don’t watch TV on my phone.

Heh, I was thinking more like Richard Garriott.

I am on that one year trial from upgrading a phone so I’ll be seeing it. I really hope it’s good.

Surprisingly, this is produced by Ubisoft’s new-ish movie/TV production house.


I’m down.

Chris Metzen was/is a terrible artist whose work makes up some of the Diablo and Starcraft manuals. Samwise, an actual artist with talent made art for the rest of those manuals and I believe, is the only long-time Blizz employee still there nowadays. Anyways, Metzen retired recently but for the longest time shouldered the blame for the terrible, terrible nosedive in character arcs (everyone turned evil and into a raid boss) of the Warcraft universe since he was the company lore-guy. Like LucasFilm’s Kathleen Kennedy or Marvel Cinematic’s Kevin Feige.

Anyways, he retired and WoW story/lore still was shitty.

I’m watching the first episode and it is not good. At all. If it is aspiring to be Silicon Valley, but for games, it has missed by a mile.

Well they did hire a published author to handle the lore, unfortunately they picked a terrible one who had made a career out of writing awful genre fiction for licensed fantasy and scifi properties.

Early reviews have been positive, hopefully it picks up!

Are you talking about the in-show fiction’s game company or being meta about the show itself?


I was replying to rei’s post from a month back re Warcraft.

I am 5 episodes in and loving it. There is a cringe here and there and it does not obviously show game dev accurately in any real deep way, but the actors are great, chemistry works and the dialogue exchanges are often funny as hell.

That Red Dead 2 spoiler in episode 5 though…pheew, glad I finished it already :)

Oh shit, I didn’t realize they released the season all at once.

Thanks for the warning! I only got to the beginning of Chapter 3 in Red Dead 2. I’ll avoid the show until I’ve finished it.

The spoiler is actually in Episode 4 (I re-checked) and starts at 22:22 and lasts until 22:56, so you can just skip it.

F. Murray Abraham and Ashly Burch are great. And Abed. And Michael Hornsby. And Poppy. The whole cast is great.

Hah so that great cast? In episode 5 they (well, he) are present for about 30 seconds…and it is my favourite episode yet. Go figure.

Interesting to see Craig Mazin as consulting producer in the credits. Not where I would expect to see him after Chernobyl.

Agreed. I just finished episode 8 and the DQD episode has been my favourite so far. And I’m now noticing all the DQD merchandise scattered around the MQ office.

If you’ve only watched the first episode or two, keep going. I really disliked the first 2 eps, and something shifted around episode 3. Now I have to stop myself from watching them all in a night.

And I really don’t think it’s Silicon Valley with video games. It strangely has a lot more heart than SV. It’s nowhere near as funny or polished, either. But the show runners clearly have a story to tell, and it’s one about the thing that brings most people to Qt3: video games are transformative.