Apple TV question

OK, based on comments from another thread, I picked up an Apple TV, latest version. Not nearly as much content as my Roku, but the interface/Airplay with my iPhone and iPad is cool.

HOWEVER: I have Home Sharing turned on in iTunes on my PC - latest version of iTunes, Windows 7. I have Home Sharing turned on on my Apple TV. Same iTunes ID. But Apple TV, under Computers, only gives me a message to turn on Home Sharing on my computer. iTunes on my PC does not show the Apple TV in Devices.

I’ve updated the software on the new Apple TV, restarted everything, etc. but nothing works.


both signed into itunes using the same account? with itunes, press control-s to show the side bar. both on the same network?

In iTunes, Devices isn’t the right place to look (that’s just for mobile devices backed up through iTunes). Does your AppleTV show up in the Airplay menu (the square to the right of your iTunes’ volume slider)?

Yeah, I can see the Airplay icon, and I can even play a song on the PC on iTunes and have it play on the TV via the Apple TV. But my understanding was that I should be able to look under Computers on the Apple TV and see my Playlists, etc. - all I see under that icon is a message to turn on Home Sharing in iTunes.

Yep, both signed into [email protected] account, only one I have.

it should show up under home sharing, not devices. i’ll test later tonight.

Stupid question (but this gets me every time I use home sharing) but is iTunes currently running on the PC when you try to browse it via the AppleTV?


In iTunes -> Preferences -> Sharing – is “Share my library on my local network” checked?

Network question: are they both using the same type of access? Or is one on Wifi and the other on Ethernet? What sort of router & bands are you running?

Two additional things to try:

  • disable the QoS Packet Scheduler on your PC’s network connection (restart iTunes afterwards)
  • if your router has an IGMP Proxy setting, disable it

Gave up for the evening, will look at what you suggest in the morning, but both are on Wi-Fi, same wireless network. Share My Library on my local Network is check on. Older router, old Linksys WRT54GL or whatever that old standard is, 801 g.

Your router settings may be too rigorous. Just tested with mine, no problems. Make sure Bonjour is running.

Hmmm. Router is set to default settings. I’ll play with that tomorrow. Also, what do I need to do on my PC in terms of making it part of a home network, etc.? It’s a new laptop and I haven’t really set it up in any special way, just installed Windows 7 and used default settings.

Also, how does Airplay work? I.e. how can the Apple TV see my iTunes on my PC via Airplay but it not show up under the Computers icon on the Apple TV?

it uses the network discovery of bonjour.

18 page thread of unhappy people since 2011 on apple’s self-help forum:

So, what would allow the Apple TV to be able to see iTunes on my PC via Airplay, such that I can play a song on my PC and have it play on the Apple TV, but then the computer not show up under the Computers icon on the Apple TV, just the Turn on Home Sharing message? I would think they would be connected, i.e. if you got one you’d get the other.

I had a similar issue with my AppleTV 2 a while back. Unfortunately, as best I can remember I only resolved it through an arbitrary combination of hard resets, software updates, reinstalls and waiting.

OK, based on the thread that was posted I tried some fixes. And when I set my router to WEP security mode, everything works. So apparently the Apple TV can’t handle WPA mode???

So, now two more questions:

  1. Any way to make Apple TV see my computer on anything other than WEP security???
  2. Why does the Photos only show the last 7 photos in My Photo Stream? Just looked on my iPhone and in my PC My Photo Stream directories, and there are 254 photos in there. But the Apple TV only shows the last 7. Tried turning that on and off in Photos on the ATV, but it just reloads those last 7.

i used a wired connection to mine.

I’d wager that most people use WPA with their AppleTV. I always have.

Some versions of that router’s firmware have an integrated IGMP Proxy. I’d try disabling it.

I’m using WPA. Home sharing and AirPlay work fine for me. I did have issues when connecting to my wireless router’s 5GHz band. Once I switched to 2.4GHz, everything works great.

Apple has a Troubleshooting Home Sharing guide.