Apple TV+ Recommendations

My wife and I only watched the pilot together, so when I caught up on my own, it was fun to tell her what’s happening in the show now. She’s glad she tapped out.

Anyone checked out Dark Matter yet? We watched the first episode and it was good enough to keep me interested. It’s got a lot of Fringe and Counterpart vibes.

I am not a fan of Joel Edgerton, but I suppose I’ll give it a shot.

We are enjoying Dark Matter. Nothing particularly new, but it’s well made and suspenseful (at least thru the first four episodes).

It looks interesting enough (I’m in the middle of the second episode) but what I want to know is, what witchcraft is keeping Jennifer Connelly looking that good 25 years after her turn in Dark City? Sheesh! Is there a secret portrait of her hidden in an attic somewhere?

I haven’t seen it yet, but read the book a few years ago and enjoyed it (from what I remember). I didn’t even know they had adapted it into a series.

for whatever it’s worth, we are loving Dark Matter, now 6 episodes in. It’s the best thing we’ve watched all year. I hope it can stick the landing.

That’s the one where Jason 2 strands his friend in a supposedly kinder, gentler Chicago (so effed up)?

Is it supposed to end with this season, or are we looking at another Severance situation? I’m starting to lose hope re: the latter.

Severance was in active production earlier this year. Rumor is it will come out late this year or early next.

Based on having read the book and what I’ve seen in the first 4 episodes of the show, I suspect they will end it this season. I also expect them to adapt Blake Crouch’s other novel, Recursion.

I’m having a bit of cognitive dissonance with Dark Matter, where I’m definitely enjoying it and waiting anxiously for the next episode, while at the same time I’m laughing at the ridiculous inconsistency of the various plot devices and the incredibly poor decision-making on the part of so many supposedly smart people. It’s silly but fun, I guess.

That’s almost exactly how I felt when I read the book. Honestly, I think it makes a better TV show than it does a book.

That’s a problem with the source material, lol:

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Heh, good, it’s not just me!

Re: Dark Matter geez is Jason2 a psycho/sociopath: first he strands Ryan1 in some alternate universe then he brings in a Ryan3 to cover up his crime.

BTW, how is it possible that there’s no official Apple TV+ app for Android? At least on the Google Play store. Is there some legit alternative source? I’m just using Chrome on Android for now.

Because Apple and Google are mortal enemies at the expense of their customers. Yes, there’s no Apple TV app on Android, but as you say, you can use the browser.

That’s a bit of an oversimplification. Google pays Apple billions to be the default search engine on iPhone. And there’s an Apple TV app for Android streaming devices.

But not having one for Android phones is dumb.

Whew, re: Dark Matter, I thought Episode 8 might be the last one. Luckily there is one more.

Episode 8 ended rather abruptly, and it also brought up a whole new problem, that there are more than just “our Jason” and Jason2 in the picture, because other abducted Jasons whose stories have split off by making different decisions trying to get back have managed to make it back to “our Jason’s” world, and we’ve only been following his far. There are at least four of these alt-Jasons in this episode by my count–two which end up dead by Jason2’s hand and two more who show up toward the end of the episode. It’s pretty nuts.