Apple TV+ Recommendations

CBS All Access isn’t a thing here. Or Showtime.

Ok, I cancelled my Prime Video, I cancelled even my CBS All Access, which I have had active for almost a year, just so that I have no other temptations on what to watch. Now I’ll be forced to check out Apple TV+ content and give it a fair shot and not be distracted by other things.

Ted friggin’ Lasso, baby!

Already saw that one, unfortunately. Great show. I loved it.

I really liked Mythic Quest.

For All Mankind Season 2 trailer:

The Problem with Jon Stewart coming this fall.

I finally got the email from Apple this morning. After July 30th, they’ll start charging me $4.99 a month. My free ride that started in Feb 2020 is over!

I kind of regret not checking out more shows while I had the chance.

Overall, the ones I did see:

Ted Lasso - Excellent. Saw all of Season 1
Schmigadoon! - Excellent. First two episodes down, will watch the rest.

Central Park - I liked the idea, but after 4 episodes, I lost interest and never went back.
Greyhound (movie w/Tom Hanks) - Watched the first 50 minutes or so, it’s okay so far. Will probably watch the rest sometime.

Mythic Quest - I watched two episodes, but didn’t really enjoy it. I hear it gets better, but I couldn’t force myself to keep watching.

Tiny World - I watched the first episode, it was ok, but just never grabbed my interest like the David Attenbourough series do.

The Earth At Night in Color - Again, watched part of the first episode, but it didn’t catch my interest.

For all Mankind - I watched most of the first episode, but couldn’t bring myself to finish it. I’m sure it gets a lot more interesting, I just couldn’t get through the first episode.

Wolfwalkers - I watched the whole thing!! I didn’t enjoy it as much as most on Qt3, but it was a decent movie with a very unique art style.

And that’s it. That’s all I watched on it in a year and a half! What a waste.

That’s about as much as I watched, save that I watched all of Mythic Quest and For All Mankind. I read a bunch of reviews. I’m not sure it was a waste.

Since I’ve seen this week’s Ted Lasso and Schmigadoon, I canceled my subscription, so that I don’t forget next week.

I should also have access to it through family sharing, that’s how I have access to Apple Music, through my brother’s membership. However, the moment I canceled, it looks like I lost access to AppleTV+. I wonder if he needs to activate family sharing again somehow?

Anyway, back on topic, don’t miss out on Schmigadoon, good people of Qt3. Maybe it’s not for you, but definitely try it out before judging it.

Mythic Quest doesn’t get good until episode 5. In fact just go watch episode 5, it’s standalone.

Too late! I already cancelled, thinking I would have access through my brother’s membership, but it turns out his free period already ran out too.

I’ll keep that in mind the next time I subscribe for a month. I’m thinking when the current seasons of Ted Lasso and Shmigadoon are nearing their end.

Between my free membership from an iPad I won at a company Christmas party, the free extension they gave me, and the 6 months I just got from owning a PS5, I will have gotten a full 2 years of ATV+ for free.

I understand there is another deal for Target Circle members which is giving 4 months free to ATV+, in addition to Apple Music and iCloud. They’re giving away 6 months of Apple Arcade, too.

Just got this (accidentally posted it to the other Apple TV thread, ie, the TV box)

Interesting, they are already paying for my netflix sub.

I asked my brother about it, the one who has T-mobile, but he said that’s only an offer for Magenta plans, not his classic grandfathered plan. He said if he switches to the Magenta plan for the Apple TV+, it would cost him about $50 a month more, so definitely not worth it.

I just found it really funny that T-mobile has magenta plans.

Bumping this thread instead of making a new one. The wife and I are pretty peeved that we can’t see the Apple Academy Award nominated movies from there anywhere BUT there but we still want to see them. We are not current subscribers.

Those of you with subscriptions, is it worth a longer term with Apple TV or is this a service we’re going to blow through the shows/movies in a month and that’s about it for new content? Some of the shows sound good but honestly I have no clue what’s -actually- good on Apple TV+ beyond the nominated movies which we will line up to watch. Any must-see content?

I am a subscriber, but don’t watch it a ton. There is a lot of good shows on there, but nothing that is a must-see. Ted Lasso is the biggest show, but I got sick of it after season 1 and didn’t make it through season 2. I would just get it for a month, watch what looks good, and cancel it.

Season 2 of Ted Lasso is actually really good! You should revisit! You can skip the rest of the episode you probably quit on without missing much.

IMO there is currently 2-3 months’ worth of great content on ATV+ for the average person/couple who can’t watch TV during the day/while they work.

Good tips from both of you, this is what I expected as well. Sounds like we’ll do a short term join for what we want to see. I mean at $4.99 a month, it’s cheaper than renting a movie from Amazon.