Apple Unleashed Event Oct 2021

On a Monday, October 18 at 10am.

Has to be new Macs. AirPods? Not sure what else it could be.

Yeah, my guess is:

New Macbook Pro
New 27" iMac
Redesigned Mac Mini
AirPods 3

All Apple silicon of course. M1X? M2? No idea.

They Unleashed the Kraken?

Or for the old-school metal heads, as Yngwie would say “Unleashed the foookin’ Fury!”

I hope they iterate on the Pro monitor stand concept.

Related: we’re also due a Mac Pro update, aren’t we?

I wouldn’t expect a major mac pro update until the M2XXX is ready. But yeah it’ll probably get a no-fanfare newer Xeon or whatever.

I wonder if we will ever see an actual iMac Pro ever again, of if the high-end iMac will be the “pro” model.

Certainly not. That was a stopgap product until the current mac pro was ready.

Not really.

It ended up being that, but the original intent was for the iMac Pro to replace the Mac Pro. Obviously, they reversed that decision but the trashcan was going to be the end of the line.

Not at all. They said they were “working on something really cool in the pro line” at the time. It was always going to be a stopgap product.

Hmm, what will $4K get me this time around, hehe?

Gonna guess a fully decked out 16" Macbook Pro with a 120Hz micro-LED display and M1X processor.

That’s only going to get you 8GB of memory and has a binned CPU Core. It’s going to be at least $5k for what Chris wants.

I’m expecting M2. M1 is too core- and ram-constrained for Pro.

I go back and forth.

Apple does just increase by a letter “The new A15x” and can see the new laptops getting a M1x with the new stuff and supporting more displays. The powerful iMac would get the M2.

Or, it’s all just a name and even if it’s 5x more powerful than the M1, it could be the M1m, MI6 Bond, M2.

Can’t wait for the event though.

On the mobile side, the X chips are typically used in iPad Pro, and have more cache and GPU cores. It’s unclear what they’ll do on laptops. They may well go straight to M2.

I still don’t see how the Mac Pro concept fits with Apple Silicon architecture. Where does the GPU power come from?

PCIe still does exist in current M1 Macs, but only for networking, Thunderbolt and USB. There’s no official support for eGPUs, no attempt to migrate video drivers to ARM. I’m willing to believe that large numbers of Apple GPU cores could turn into something reasonably powerful; but competitive with workstation level GPUs? It seems unlikely.

I expect they’re working with AMD to build drivers, that’s all. I just don’t think that’ll be announced next week.

You’d have assumed so in the past. But then we would have said the same about Apple ARM chips vs x86 too and they proved us very wrong with M1!

So I’m keeping an open mind. Think the direction with pro laptops and eventually a full-size iMac will give us indications as to where an ARM Mac Pro could go.


I had to go to Best Buy again (to pick up some new Eeros) and played some more with the Z Fold 3. I am really hoping that I am not impressed with Apple’s new offerings or that they price them at ridiculous levels. Even though, on the whole, Apple’s eco system is superior, is it $4 or $5K superior than my current lineup? Probably not, but we’ll see.