So nobody here has Apple envy? Nobody wants an iPod or iTunes or iPhoto? Come out of the closet. Come on.

Come on. You know you want it.

iTunes is pretty neat. The iPod is like most Apple hardware–not bad, but absurdly overpriced. I’m not sure that I would want iPhoto even if I could get it. Aside from image browsing (which I can already do in Photoshop), it offers no features that I would use.

I do own a Pismo PowerBook, and my main gripe with iPod is that they have finally made an agnostic version. Previously, you either buy a Mac-only one, or a Windows-only one, and I’ve got a Windows Desktop and a Mac Laptop. That and the fact that the iPod is rather pricey… for the same cost, I’d rather get a Dell Axim with extra storage capacity and just listen to my music and have a damn nice PDA in my pocket. I don’t need to carry 7,500 songs at the same time. 75 at the same time is more than plenty for me… gets me through my day, or even my week.

My other main problem with Mac is that I’m a PocketPC fan, and it won’t talk with a PowerBook. (thought that’s more MS’ fault, but I’m not going to switch to Palm because of it.)

And, design asethic aside, there are often times I wished I had a PC laptop for, like, games.

I had a mac and a PC for a while and found myself using the mac less. I always liked Macs but when it comes to games, its a PC world

That’s definitely the case. I have an older G4 sitting next to my Athlon, and I find that the only time I turn on the G4 is when I need to provide a client with mac-specific tech support.

However, the design aesthetics of the G4 whoop those of any PC I’ve ever used. And the case is amazing for upgrades – just pull the handle and it pops open, easy as can be.

I’d love a Mac laptop, since the battery life is so much longer than that in a PC, but I know I’d be using it 75% of the time for Virtual PC.



Then you can sit back and admire how little room there is to add anything in there, and consider how little hardware there is to add anyway. Then you can pop the case closed again and go play some Battlefield 1942 on your PC.


I’m still pissed that they didn’t release Wizardry for the C64.

I have iPod envy, that’s for sure, and I LOVE the Powerbook design, but I would never use a Mac. If you could cram PC guts into the Titanium Powerbook, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Hell, I even loved the Powermac Cube, and the new 17" flatscreen iMac is a work of art.

I can’t remember if this was mentioned here or on another board, but the people at put together my favorite parody of the Apple Switch ads. The page is here, but the link may be dead:

The guy that does it clearly uses Macs & understands their quirks, and his comic timing is great.

With the amount of gaming and hardware tinkering I do, I can’t imagine getting a Mac any time soon. I loved the original Macs, though, and wrote many papers & played many games of NetTrek on my college’s Appletalk network.

Weird, these guys are from and based in my town.

OK, I’ll raise my hand: I have and use a G4 PowerMac in addition to a few PCs. The new iTunes (as well as the old) is quite nice. Is quicker and beats the pants of WindowsMediaPlayer for me.

The PC-related business pays the bills and the games PCs play most of the games (BF1942, GalCiv, etc)… but when it comes to sitting down and doing daily surfing, listening to music, word docs, other miscellaneous stuff, I tend to use my Mac WAY more. It’s a pleasant way to work and I don’t have to fiddle with the OS unless I’m in the mood to.

OSX is a very nice OS IMHO. It’s just too bad there are so few good Mac games, and that the ones ported tend to arrive quite late. That said I do play JediKnight 2, FreedomForce, a few others on my Mac instead of the PC versions I also own since they exist on both.


(Disclaimer: I work for Apple, but I only started here a couple of years ago at the inception of OSX. I’m a Unix guy and was hired for that reason (OSX is based on BSD Unix) I am at heart a gamer and had not used a Mac since the playing Ultima III on a 512. I am not a member of the “Mac faithful” per say)

That being said and having to use a Mac for work, I have had the opposit experience. (as jason) I have an iMac (not Apple’s strongest offering) next to my 2Ghz Wintel. I now find my self using the PC as strictly a Game machine. I do all my web surfing, email, wordprocesseng, etc on the mac. Weirdly enough it ‘feels’ faster to me, probably casued by the ease of use of their apps.

Back to the thread topic, My wife loves iPhoto, I am intrugued by the implications of our economic model for online music purchase. Unfortunatly I seem to be too old for the service. None of my favorite artists are available… (more music is being added dayly so there is hope for us old geezers)

The iPod is not really of interest to me, I don’t want/need music surgically attached to my person 24/7. I will maintain that it is one cool looking, easy to use little device. No one in the industy even come close to Apple’s industrial design sweetness.

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paah. netrek was better. hard to play with the mac client, though, as the mouse only has one button, so you have to remap the phasers if you intend to use the mouse button for changing course. but, us unix and pc types never had much problem.

-Rear Adm. Scout Popcorn

Ah, Netrek on my old University UNIX machine. That was the bitchin’ bomb! I remember staying up till 3 am playing it every night, and I’d look over and it’s the campus Netrek team halfway down the computer lab, and they’re playing online versus those posers over at CalTech.


I found this page by NetTrek’s author. I think that was my first real exposure to networked games.

If I am going to spend that much money I would want something even sexier and far more useful :

I dunno what I’d do if my iPod and its 110 albums were taken away. It’s made every waiting period much more tolerable now that I have something to fill the time with.

You have the PC or MAC version? I have been told by more than one person that the PC version isn’t worth it, while the MAC version is the best thing ever, etc.

The new ultra-thin PocketPC (I think it is an HP model) is very nice. It’s about damn time they got the form factor down!