Apple's new commercials

Pretty funny stuff, ya’ll.

(Yeah, I have the zeal of a recent convert to the Church of Steve-a. Amen!)

I’m assuming they chose the actor who played the “PC” purposely because he looks like Bill Gates?

I’ve thought for years though that Apple should be running ads like this. Rather than saying how superior Macs are to Windows boxes, I imagine they’d get a much better reaction if they advertised the fact that Macs and Windows can coexist together, with networks between the two being easy to setup and most major file formats being compatible on both OSes. That was always one of the biggest things that kept people away from Macs, IMO. People were concerned that their existing files wouldn’t work on anything other than Windows.

I like 'em.

Hodg-man returns… again!

I’ve been thisclose to getting a Mac for years and years, except for the minor fact that I play games on my PC. I’ve always been a little baffled by Mac’s “hey, we’re hipper than thou, we invented music, we think different, our shit don’t stink, we’re the cool kids, and fuck you gamers.” Granted, they’ve got WoW, but you think they’d embrace the game culture a little more considering how widespread it’s become.

Get a new Intel Mac, download Bootcamp and install XP on its’ own partition. Then play all the Windows games you already have and future ones too.

They’d probably work for the under-25 crowd, especially H.S./college kids and those just out. But they’re too snarky for older professionals, IMO. They have that typical Apple arrogance that’s a turn-off for older folks.

I thought they were fun but I like that I saw the virus ad on TV the same day that I read about the first virus for Macs getting out there (I think 2 people were affected).

So, I’m looking at the image for that ad. It features a picture of awesome, awesome John Hodgman with the caption “I’m a PC.” Next to him is a picture of Jeepers Creepers star Justin Long, captioned “I’m a Mac.” That actually just about says it all.

Anyway, the commercials, while charming, themselves are the same basic set of lies that Apple has been telling about Mac for years.

And now they have Midnight Son as an evangelist.

And yes, do buy a Mac to play all future games with a Radeon X1600, which is already at the bottom-end of mid-range video. No amount of Mac coolness will compensate for a mediocre videocard.

Maybe, but what they say about the PC is true!

Really? You have a hard time managing photos on your PC? Constant reboots? Lack of good applications?

That may cost them sales.

That videocard is more than enough to play every game that will be released for Mac in the next decade.

Luckily, I’m holding out for the new desktop Powermacs that, you know, take massively powerful videocards. But you knew that, didn’t ya? You, on the other hand, are way too cool to give up XP and whatever Vista DRM crap Microsoft will shovel on you next.

Not me. Never did. But I’m not Joe Sixpack, either.

Most of the tight-ass people here wouldn’t change anyway so no loss. (I love you tight-ass people, don’t get me wrong!)

Well, I’m not sure why you would choose your next computer based on how well-suited it might be for somebody else.

You’re confused. After working on PC’s all day, fixing the myriad problems again and again, I go home and turn on the Mac and relief beckons! Along with a beer or two…

Thought you said you didn’t have any of those problems with your PC either. I know I don’t.