Apple's Safari web browser

Apple’s updater grabbed this for me yesterday, and so far I like it. It does load pages faster than IE 6/7 on my XP system, it’s intuitive, it’s pretty (bold is bolder, borders seem brighter and everything is slightly shiny), it appears rich in features without being cluttered with them and it hasn’t crashed yet (while IE still does for me every so often).

The one problem I’ve found is that the “Find” function (which I use a good deal) doesn’t seem to work at all.

I’d like to hear what other folks think. :)



You actually used IE?

Install firefox. Welcome to the brave new world.

I did try Firefox some years ago and had nothing but trouble. (In fairness, it may have been just out the door at the time.)

But, sure, I’ll take another look. :)


Doesn’t work how? If it’s the same as the Mac Safari (which I use), clicking on Find brings up a bar underneath the address bar where you type in your find keyword, rather than a pop-up. (Text box should be in the upper/right area).

I use Safari on my Mac and it’s great. I wouldn’t go back to FireFox when this comes preinstalled.

Are you implying that you slightly prefer FireFox but you can’t be arsed to install it?

Oh no, sorry. I prefer Safari but my surfing needs are fairly simple. I use Mail for RSS feeds so all a browser needs to be, for me, is a bookmark repository.

You’re right, of course. :) I was expecting a screen-center search box (a la IE) and didn’t notice the new bar quietly opening up top. Thanks!


I don’t think I’ve ever really used Safari. I have Firefox on my Mac and am very happy with it. Is there any particular reason to check Safari out? Anything it does better than FF on the Mac side?

It looks more mac-like and safari 3.1 is faster than firefox2.

But firefox3 is faster than everything and has an integrated mac-like skin built in now, or looks even better with the grapple skin. So no, use firefox3.

Where does one find FireFox 3? (When I went to the Firefox web site to DL the latest version, I got When I try to update, I’m told there are no newer versions.)


That’s because it’s still in beta. I use Firefox 3 Beta 4 on my Mac and the only time it ever crashes is when I’m quitting it anyway. You have to go to the developer section of the Mozilla site to download it.

If you’re on a mac… Camino.

Does Camino support the regular firefox plugins? Because I have FF set up exactly how I want it and I hate using any browser that does things differently than how I have FF configured.

Peter: Get Firefox 3.0 beta 4

Get Adblock Plus (whitelist QT3 of course)
Get NoScript (whitelist QT3 ;p)
Get Tab Mix Plus (dev build on their forum)
Get IE Tab
Get PDF Download

Get Foxit PDF Reader. That’s about all you need except to install Flash player for Firefox.

Camino won’t support Firefox plugins since it’s based on Safari/Webkit.

Does Safari have tabbed browsing yet? Last I checked I didn’t think it did, though admittedly I didn’t look very hard.

It does have tabs, though I think it’s still missing the very nice “show my windows and tabs from last time” mode Firefox recently added.

Safari 3 does have that feature. History -> Reopen all windows from last session.