Approval Ratings

It’s our first QT3 approval poll!

Is he running the forum?

He didn’t win the popular vote, but he won the electoral college.

he didnt win the popular vote or the electoral college, the supreme court elected him.

I am amused.


Why doesn’t the poll have a “Huh?” option listed?!? :D

  • Alan

You are in a dead heat. Better invade the Games forum if you want to make it to a second term.

Well Jason, you certainly area divisive character! I heartily second the recommendation that you invade another forum, although I’d recommend the TV forum.

Although the games forum certainly needs subjigatin’, it has some serious wumpuses of mass destruction. The TV forum is wimpier.

Good God, man, don’t goad him. Our analysts say he cannot be deterred!


Nothing personal, Jason. For some reason, this thread cracks me up more than it should.

Wow, 51 to 48. Who knew EE operates by the median voter theorem?

It’s a tie! 50:50! Bring on the judges to decide the election!

I think that everybody should get their usernames in either red or blue depending on how they voted.

Let the balkanization continue!

50/50 now, buddy!

[color=red]Roger Wong[/color]

Wait…which color = approve and which = disapprove?