Apps or resources for meal prep and nutrition guides?

I’d like to spend the next month preparing for a wedding with some kind of meal prep thing, like this:

… but i’m not sure where to start. There doesn’t seem to be a consolidated all-in-one site or app that provides all of the calculations, the nutrition guides, and the meal/nutrition planner. I mean, i can just cook chicken and fish, add some rice and vegetables, call it good, and probably be in the ballpark relatively speaking, but i was wondering if there was something better. For example, there is a neat app called FitMenCook with lots of interesting recipes but no overarching plan. Instead it’s intended to be a meal replacement/enhancer for people who already have a workout/nutrition regime.

I’m looking especially for meal prep ideas rather than just diet ideas. I’d like to not have to bother cooking every single meal at the time.

The Fresh 20?

Not sure it’s an exact fit, but Eat This Much sounds close. You enter your nutrition/caloric goals and it comes up with a meal plan for you. It even makes a shopping list, and you can customize what you like/don’t like. I’d love to use it, but not sure how I can incorporate that into family meal planning with the wife and 2 kids.