April 2017 NPD - Call of Duty BLOPS 2 returns!


First, the big news: MS and Sony are now reporting digital sales numbers to NPD.


BLOPS 2 in the #10 spot is entirely due to it releasing as a BC title on Xbox One in April. Also, keep in mind the NPD top 20 software chart is by revenue, so even though BLOPS 2 BC was $19.99 it still made more revenue than IW.

*Does not include digital sales
**Battle.net, uPlay, and Origin sales not includes
***No non-Steam PC sales included

Hardware: Nintendo Switch was #1 with approx 280K units sold.


Notable from the list above are these games… all of which are single console releases. That’s impressive and it speaks to the need for good exclusive software to help sell your console. Not a Microsoft game among them…


Glad to see P5 doing so well. Guess we’ll be seeing years of spinoffs to come.


I would add the BLOPS 2 entry to this list as well. Although it was originally multiplatform, the sole reason for its presence on this list is due to the BC release on Xbox One.


Yep, anyone who still thinks backward comparability is just a marketing bullet point, there’s your data.


This is great news. Hopefully one day we can start seeing sales numbers again too, like in the old days of NPD listings.