April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse

Didn’t they say that for the last eclipse? I’m surprised there’s another one already.

If you want to test out your eclipse glasses, there is an enormous sunspot on the sun today - the largest one this solar cycle!

Nope, they know when and where for decades. I recall hearing about this one during the last one.

Turn around

You’ll have to both wait and travel for this one

if Man is still alive.

We knew about the twofer in 2017. Getting to see two with only a short drive in one lifetime is amazing (and for our younger kids, this is the first one they’ll see or remember seeing.)

I’m hoping to see the Earth’s final total eclipse in about 600 million years.

I’ll just give a heads-up to people thinking about travelling to the Cleveland area for the eclipse; it’s usually overcast that time of year, which can obviously make the experience a bit less thrilling than if it’s not.

And to see yourself out, you must…

…turn around!

Our son is due April 6, and I’m encouraging my wife to try to hold out until the 8th, but we don’t live in the direct path of the eclipse. Does anyone know if I also need to persuade her to take a road trip, or will our child develop super powers regardless of where we’re located as long as he’s born during the event?

I don’t know about super powers, but in the 80’s slasher Bloody Birthday, kids born during an eclipse became murderers once they turn 10.

Heh, I know you’re being tongue in cheek, but if there’s one thing to know about a totality eclipse, it’s that you WILL have that baby while stuck in hours of traffic if you try it.

Wait, wasn’t that part of the plot of The Witcher season 1?

My goodness momentum is starting to build.

Niagara Falls, Ontario is expecting one million people. Kingston, Ontario is expecting 500 thousand.

Really hope its sunny. If it’s cloudy will likely go with just one daughter.

@Canuck if the 1M figure is true, depending on weather, traffic will be a disaster. My current thinking, not to spread too far on the internet, is to take the 407 and go west around Hamilton down to one of the towns west of Welland. Likely go in the morning 9AM and set up a tent for a casual day relaxing.

I live near enough to Niagara Falls that we are going to get maybe 30 seconds of totality. So no need to fight traffic. I’m thinking that we will observe it using pinhole cameras.

Ok post your address and we will share it with only a few select people, on a few select social media platforms, as a secret, quiet no-traffic viewing location.

Make sure to also observe it with your unshielded eyes for those 30 seconds! Assuming its clear!

What’s crazy is this is the ham handed pic i took last October, part of the partial eclipse. Even with the sun being this… eclipsed… it was still way, way too bright to look at directly.

If the last one is a guide, it’s not the trip there where you’ll have any problems, it’s the jam immediately afterwards. That said, the last one had the max totality right here so it was the worst of all possible scenarios. You need to look at your plan and expect roadblocks, essentially, at any interstate crossing or on major roads. Far better to get there on time and then have some hours afterwards to let things cool down.