April Fool

Am I the only one who’s not looking forward to thursday?

Now, I have no problem with a good prank, but every April Fool’s day seems to bring with it the same number of really tired, obvious dumb jokes, though that’s only my opinion.

And in the last five years, websites have gotten in on the act. Obviously fake, stupid news stories. Mainstream forums filled with the same dumb prank threads, often repeated multiple times in the same page.

I know, I sound like the old curmudgeon telling people what they should and shouldn’t post, but damn, does this one day annoy me. I need to get over it, and just suck it up for twenty-four hours.

In the UK there’s an unofficial rule that any April Fools pranks must be pulled before noon. Is it the same here?

Not that I’ve noticed.

Most of the websites that do something for the day usually keep it going for the entire day.

Tycho at Penny-Arcade has ranted several times about how stupid April Fools day is.

He’s only example that comes to mind. I’m apathetic.

If i had said it instead, people would probably still agree. It’s just a really irritating day. There is no other day where can expect to be so brutally assaulted at every turn by daft, soul-sucking obnoxiousness.

I wholeheartedly agree. I’m sick of seeing the same stupid fake stories every year.

Like this one …
GameSpy and IGN to merge

Who’d have thought The LA Times, of all the companies, would get involved in stupid jokes like this!!

Of course, it would be the perfect day to have the front page updated with a new story.

I was actually looking forward to the Cleve-Derek Entity taking over for a day.

Does The Onion post real news on April 1?

Aren’t they clever?

The best online April Fools joke that I saw was when GameFAQs changed their whole layout to Xbox only and said they were only going to do Xbox games from now on. I wish I had a picture of the GameFAX page.

One of the best April Fools jokes was when KROQ became Pirate Radio for a day.

Sidd Finch.

My favorite was from a few years ago when SF station KFOG became KGAY and played nothing but Pet Shop Boys, Village People, Boy George, and other such music all day.

This one isn’t bad.

I’m flying to SF today. I wonder if I should screw with US Customs.

Everyone’s been pretty well convinced of Google’s apparent April Foolishness.

Articles appearing on ThePittsburghChannel.com and The Financial Times. About the only one to consider that it could be a joke is LinuxWorld.


That’s a joke? It’s being reported all over the place as real news, and it was announced yesterday…

I think my favorite April Fools joke was done about 15 years ago. I think it was on ESPN, but I might be wrong. Anyway, what happened was they had this big story about how Major League Baseball was going to allow aluminum bats in the upcoming season. I very distinctly remember Will Clark of the Giants talking to the camera and being very upset that they would be allowed, then storming away from the interviewer. The story ended with the reporter saying something about the ping of aluminum bats ringing in the Major League parks in the upcoming season while in the background guys were hitting batting practice using aluminum bats.