April Fools 2006: Gaming Edition

Thinkgeek jumped the gun:

Post your faves here.

Barbie Horse Adventures achievements

Ahh, April Fools day (now starting days early), how I look forward to weeks of misinformation on the web as a result, what joy.

What’s with all of the “early” April 1 stuff? Did these places all screw up and forget that March actually has a full 31 days? I mean sure, I’m all for a good joke now and again, but their timing sucks.

  • Alan

It has been April 1st for upto 11 hours already (on some timezones).

Yeah, in, like, Micronesia, man.

I kid, I kid.

April 1 is a weekend. Got to get the stuff up while people can browse it at work.


If they want to use the international dateline timestamp, that’s fine. The problem is that it suggests that April Fools day is actually ~48 hours long, because for that duration it would still be April 1 somewhere on the globe, and that seems like too much of a loophole.

The “April 1 is a Saturday” explanation makes sense though.

  • Alan

There is a place in Hell for all the dipwads who rub their clammy palms in giddy anticipation for committing April Fool’s jokes. Hooray, you lied. My hero. I mean, there’s no special place in Heaven for the Unjustly Gullible Wronged who are all irate because they bought it, but whatever. It makes me want to avoid the internet this weekend, which I probably will since I’m trying to set up my stupid home network STILL.

I don’t mind the April Fools jokes – as long as they’re well done. Too many sites make half-assed attempts at it.

Blizzard’s two WoW-related jokes probably won’t fool many people, but they’re funny nonetheless. I’m cool with it.

I agree. Especially because it’s completely transparent. If any of these places at least put some effort in to it, it might be entertaining. wisp race? ps3 on sale? What-ev.

Now, that Bob Ross Revolution/DS game, that’s a good april fools joke.

My favorite is Rockstar Table Tennis.

The press release and yahoo group are from the 18th, I’m really hoping it’s not an april fool.

Joy of Painting? Really?

even though its fake i keep clicking on it

Agreed. If it’s fake, then they sure as hell got me. From my judgement, it seems real.

And from where I’m sitting, that’s even more awesome than it being a joke.



  • Alan

www.gamefaqs.com :)