April Fools 2010

I was at a relatively new client’s office yesterday doing my IT thing when I was asked by one of the employees if I would help him get an April Fool’s prank off the ground. He figured he would need some IT assistance and though he didn’t really know me at all (except for a couple small fixes I’ve done for him personally) this is what he thought he’d get me to do:

He had photoshopped a Yahoo! homepage with a picture of Obama saying, in great big typeface, that the president had been assassinated. For what it’s worth, it passed the eyeball test and was fairly convincing. But he was hoping that somehow I’d go along with his request to put the picture on the network somewhere and change everyone’s homepage when they first opened Internet Explorer to redirect to it. Oh, and for what it’s worth this is a company that does exclusively military contract work; everyone there has security clearances and most are ex-military.

God Bless America?

Good lord, did he actually think that was gonna be funny?

p.s. I could see a prank like that getting a person fired in some workplaces.

Think Geek has some nice ones this year.
Tastes like sparkly chicken!

Having a five-year-old really teaches you the true meaning of April Fool’s Day. (Is it April Fools Day or April Fools Day?)

Today I put one of her dresses on my head like a turban, and popped in to say hello as she was finishing up getting dressed.

“DADDY! Why do you have that on your HEAD?”
“That DRESS!”
“What dress?”
“That dress right THERE!”


The entire page at Science Blogs has some priceless stuff:

“CERN Scientists awaken Balrog”

“Atom smasher planned for Circle Line”

“Google to Digitize Lost Library of Alexandria”

“Peep microwave disaster”


the voice activated printer thing today caught some people at work.

I don’t get it. How was anybody fooled in this situation?

She was fooled into thinking I didn’t know what was going on. Perhaps. Or maybe it was just that I was being foolish. Anyway, it led to smiles and joy, which is the real point, I now know, of April Fools Day.

One of the local sports radio guys got taken by a joke about a big baseball trade. They even had a national baseball commentator from ESPN in on the joke.

It was kind of funny, but angered a lot of people as well since the guy made a big deal about this source and how it was clearly legitimate.

You’re not fooling anyone.


someone needs to reddit this.

One of the crueler jokes today. :(

April Fools’ Day.


they switched to a text game adventure. up for another hour i think

One of the South Florida guys did this about a Ronnie Brown trade. But he is such a gutless wonder that he tried to play it that he was the victum and just passed it on.

I got gotten pretty good today.

So, there’s a cute girl I met a little over a month ago and got her number, tried to set something up but never could get anything to happen. Oh well, such is life. I pretty much put her out of my mind and haven’t thought about her at all.

So today I get this text message from this girl: “You better delete my fucking number from your phone and never call again what you did last night was unforgiveable, you should be ashamed and you just got April Fooled.”

The name was unfamiliar since it had been so long, and I was out at a happy hour that went kind of late last night. I spent a good minute thinking (1) my God, I wasn’t that drunk last night, (2) what the hell did I do?, and (3) who is this girl? Then I reread the message and got the joke.

Nice job, mystery girl.

The upside is we texted back and forth a few times after that, she’s busy this weekend but we’re going to try to meet up next week sometime (although I’m betting odds of her flaking out are high).

I just found out that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1988 cover was a joke. Damn you internet! Damn you to hell!

You posted in a thread about it in which the first post said it was an April Fools’ joke.

Yes, reading comprehension. TLDR. Ok, didn’t read at all. Mea Culpa.

I ran across a cute one today:

Man found at LHC, claims he is from the future.