April NPDs: I've seen the future and it is Wii

Wii 714.2K
Nintendo DS 414.8K
PSP 192.7K
Xbox 360 188.0K
PlayStation 3 187.1K
PlayStation 2 124.4K

Top 10 VG Titles - April’08

  1. 360 GTA IV 1.85mm
  2. Wii Mario Kart w/ wheel 1.12mm
  3. PS3 GTA IV 1.00mm
  4. Wii Play 360K
  5. Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl 326K
  6. PS3 Gran Turismo 5: Prologue 224K
  7. DS Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness 202K
  8. DS Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time 202K
  9. Wii Guitar Hero III 152K
  10. 360 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 141K

So, the Wii numbers would be impressive on their own, but comparing them to the PS3 and 360 numbers for the same month is just staggering. Then you add on top of that the GTA4 numbers and the Wii is still selling that much more than everything else and the mind boggles.

GTA4/Mario Kart numbers impressive as well when you consider they came out end of month.

Hey, at least the PS3 is outselling the PS2 now. That’s something.

Christ, CoD4 is still selling like gangbusters. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it take over GTAIV on the Live charts either next week or the week after.

ALSO: Two PS3 titles in the top 10? What is this world coming to.

Personally, from a hard-core gamer perspective, I thought it would be a banner month for xbox360/ps3 with the release of the Best Game Ever. I bought Mario Kart, but felt little interest towards it.

I should have known though – we got my grandmother Mario Kart for her birthday. It’s what she wanted. She played it once, at a relative’s house after it came out. She liked playing it and wanted it over for when the kids were around.

Because of the silly wheel, I could actually see getting it for all the people I know of the older but newly gaming wii set. Obviously, GTA4 has the opposite reaction with this new main stream of video game consumers.

In my area, some stores have wii fit sold out of pre-orders, and I’m considering purchasing it and a wii for some older family members.

Is the 360 still supply constrained for this period, or has the PS3 taken a huge leap in competitiveness?

They both stunk up the joint and dropped from last month despite having one of their biggest titles of the year released. Here was last month.
March Xbox 360: 262K
March PS3: 257K

Huge leap meaning it sells comparable to the X360 which has a year of time and X millions of sold units head start? Yeah it looks like. Price cut and games to play makes sense it should join the ranks of the console that isn’t a mainstream breakthrough.

I don’t think the 360 is supply constrained anymore and the PS3 has been competitive since January. However, there is still debate over how much of Sony’s jump is a result of gamers and how much is the victory of blu-ray and the PS3’s position as the best blu-ray player on the market in terms of video playback features and price.

What I think both MS and Sony should be concerned about is that GTAIV does not seem to have driven any hardware sales. Last month both systems did about 260k in US sales, but it was a 5 week month instead of 4 weeks for April. Sales are about the same on a weekly basis.

Yea wasn’t a big topic among gamer pundits about which system would get a bigger bump from all the people who have been on the fence and saw GTA IV as the game to finally get them to guy? Well the answer so far seem to be neither, and they both dropped from last month.

Compared to last year’s 2:1 favoring of 360, I’d call parity a pretty huge leap in competitiveness. Not that the 360 is threatened or anything, mind. Just that parity is a lot better than I recall it having sold. Considering I desperately want to buy a PS3 as a Blu-Ray player and can’t find enough reasons (Ratchet and Clank and Drake being it so far) to justify doing so, I’m impressed that it’s picking up momentum right now at all. The gamescape for the PS3 seems like an utter wasteland compared to the 360 which has more or less the same stuff, plus.

Definitely would have expected the PS360 numbers to be somewhat higher thanks to GTA IV.


The Wii singlehandedly outsold every non-Nintendo piece of hardware combined. In the same month GTA4 came out. That’s hilariously crazy.

Maybe the recession is helping the least expensive console?

Ah, I give up trying to figure it out. I thought the Wii would compete, but jebus.

Am finally finishing up Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, with Mario Kart and Boom Blox next up. I imagine it doesn’t suit the hardcore, but I’m really happy with the Wii.

And people think MGS4 is going to move hardware?

Is two days of data enough to draw conclusions on whether GTA 4 is moving hardware?

Not conclusively but you would think that even a small bump would have occurred. I mean its not like the whole planet didn’t know GTA IV was coming out so if there were people waiting to get either system I’d think some of them would have made the move.

I can’t believe they’re still holding those prices for these boxes.
It’s beyond ridiculous.

I think it’s 5 days too for GTA as I’m pretty sure this cycle covers the first few days of May as well.

Where are all these Wii’s being sold anyway? I have at least a few friends that have been looking for at least a year now.