April NPDs: I've seen the future and it is Wii

The moon is in the seventh house, and the blood moon is rising.

The 4 riders are on the horizon,

Iwata, Miyamoto, Reggie, Yamauchi

Wii will not be spared.

I FINALLY picked up a Wii by wandering into a Target one morning before I went into the office - around 8 AM. Saw a couple in the cabinet and decided it would make a great graduation present for my son - and if he doesn’t want it, I’ll keep it. Even with all the Wiis being sold I hadn’t seen one in stores siince maybe last October. BDGE I think the shelf life of these guys is still measured in hours. Incredible.

Sad thing, I desperately need another Wiimote finally, and thus will be supporting Wii Play dominance on next months NPD charts. Oh and while I’m at the store, I might as well buy that Wii Fit thing…I mean it’s right there behind the register!

Apparently you still have to wait in line before the store opens.

some great GIF’s in the NeoGAF thread.

Yea my brother lucked out at Costco in San Diego last month and snagged a bundle with Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart. Great deal really, but he mentioned how few were left. The guy also has never bought a videogame in his life, or cared about them since as long as I have known him. He can’t stop playing Mario Kart and it shocks me. Nintendo really has captivated the non-gamer curiosity.

I have never seen a Wii in stock anywhere since I lucked out on launch day waiting in line at Best Buy.

I almost feel bad for Sony and Microsoft…

Quoting Chris Kohler for the mutha’ fucking truth:

Lesson to be learned for both Microsoft and Sony: If GTA IV didn’t bump sales of your hardware significantly, no software can. Price drops will.

I finally spotted two in the wild at a Target. I imagine they weren’t there for long.

Does anyone think the high prices of the PS3 and 360 are without a doubt holding them back significantly? Especially with the economy being what it is? I really think it is long overdue for these guys to start their price drops. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t have moved 500K in a month when GTA4 came out.

I understand Sony’s reluctance but I don’t understand what MS is doing. It’s like they are only thinking in terms of Sony. That might be smart, to a point, but it’s getting ridiculous.

We’re two and a half years into the 360’s lifespan and it still isn’t $299.99. I would never had guessed that in 2005.

I’m guess the $1 billion charge they took for the HW problems has something to do with it.

I think both will see sales improvements with price drops, but the war is already over.

It’s insane that the 360 and PS3 will have to cost the same (or less!) than the Wii to move a significant number of units, but regardless of the price I don’t see either of them outselling the Wii this hardware cycle. I also can’t see Nintendo budging on their price for another two years, at least in the States.

I don’t quite think its that insane. For most people, videogame consoles are a luxury item. $400 is lot more than $250, even if you are getting more for that extra money. Its a fact that sales of systems in the past haven’t really taken off until they hit the $199 mark. Now, if the 360 were $199 I highly doubt Nintendo would keep the price at $249 for very long.

I don’t believe the 360/PS3 market overlaps much with the Wii market. I think you could drop the 360/PS3 price to $100 and the Wii would continue to be sold out in the US for the foreseeable future at $250, particularly with Wii Fit coming out soon.

Either way, I think we’ll have the answers to these price drop questions fairly soon.

I saw four of 'em at the local HMV of all places. I immediately bought all of them, took them home, dumped them in the barbecue pit and cleansed them with fire. Do your part for the HD generation, people!

By supporting Nintendo with a thousand dollars worth of encouragement?

Bill Harris did his usual interesting analysis of the numbers. One thing he pointed out is that Sony doesn’t seem to expect a big uptick in sales in the next year for the PS3. In fact, they are forecasting a very small increase in sales over the year just ended.

They seem really big on usiing that whole “10 year plan” for the PS3 as the reason for the current number not being very important. Although the more I see the monthly numbers it sounds like just a convenient excuse for them. So they can keep saying “Hey who cares about the numbers right now, wait till 2011 and you’ll see the turn around happen…”

In Europe the 360 arcade(199) is 50€ cheaper then the Wii (250€) and it still doesn’t help sales.