Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters


It’ll probably suck, but I’m hoping it wont.

I will probably go see it.

They should avoid putting up movie posters in Boston in case city officials haven’t been properly notified about the cinema.

So that makes ATHF the first show to cross from Adult Swim to the big screen, right?

Well, I can always hope for Brak to come back in the same way.

Neil Peart from Rush is in it.


Yow. I thought this was a joke.


Frank Frazetta!

I need that poster

Why is there a crowned arsehole on the loading screen?

That version on the web site is missing a bit… here is the full poster.

That is a trully awesome movie poster. It might have to be put up there with my Hitman, Shaft, and Fear of a Black Hat posters.

Erik J.

According to an ad I saw on Adult Swim last night, they’re going to be showing the movie on the Cartoon Network this Sunday. Why? I have no idea. But head’s up for anybody interested in seeing it for free before it’s in theaters.

Better still…

You have to combine the two to get the full image, unfortunately. And it’s not a Frazetta piece. It’s by none other than Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.

Actually Boris Valejo. Understandable mistake, though, since the man has made a career out of ripping off Frank Frazetta. Valejo-style art is a good way to go if you are trying to play up the cheese factor, though.

I got an invite to the premiere!

But I can’t find 612 Wharf Ave. on Google Maps :(

Oh I know, I just didn’t feel like including a little winky face. But minus the gloss, it’s worthy of comparison.

Was there anything about “taking a walk” in the invitation? ;)

You might want to consult a calendar before arranging the viewing party…

A guy at work and I had an informal bet about this. I bet the whole thing was a joke and he bet it was incredibly devious reverse psychology and they really were going to air it. I guess we both won.