Aquanox 2 : Game of the Year!

Simply for the sheer amount of unclothed, sci-fi boobies on the box art. Wow. Luckily the title starts with an “A”, so the poor guys at Gamestop can put it on the top shelf.



This one?

I played the demo and it actually seemed pretty ok, but - I couldn’t control the ship right with my dual analog gamepad. So I switched to my old Sidewinder joystick, and I still couldn’t control it. So I went with the mouse and keyboard, and I still couldn’t control it. I felt like I was playing arcade Battlezone with the two levers or something. Maybe I’m just out of my element.

Oh Archimedean Dynasty/Schleichfahrt, how do I miss thee.

Oh there was a sequel? Was it any good? Just started the original. Liking it so far… From the days before checkpoints, and apparently saving. The sea bed is kind of a murky place…

I do like the presentation of base and city areas though… If they’re basically glorified menu screens, present them like that. I hope you’re listening Bioware :)

I lost interest in Aquanox after a few missions, unlike Archimedean Dynasty, which I played to the end. And I never got Aquanox 2 as a result. There was something off about Aquanox when it came out with regards to the control scheme or the way it did joystick and keyboard controls. But I can’t remember what it was anymore.

Oh hang on - I had it on low settings. Now it’s up to the full glory of 2003 era engine :)

Oh hang on again - this is the sequel. Must pay more attention.

I didn’t ask for this:

Beta on now apparently.

I messed around with the first Aquanox, but the controls and widescreen support are messed up. Some of the configurations must be done each time you start the game.

I am interested in the new game, however. Presumably, they’ve got the controls and screen resolutions squared away. It also seems like sort of an open world game, which is nice. The graphics are good too.

To be fair, this is also true of last week’s Elex :/

It would be nice if the developers re-released the first game with proper controls and widescreen support, instead of as it is currently.