We’re recording it now to watch tomorrow evening. It sounds intriguing, with David Duchovney as a 60’s cop in LA crossing paths with Manson. I suspect they’ll treat it much the same as Hannibal, where even if you know the end of the journey, you never know what might happen along the way.

Anyone else in?

It kind if bored me.

Of course, I knew every single song, but still…

We watched the first hour. I thought it was OK, although I liked it better the first time it aired.

Pretty bold of NBC to make all of the episodes available online prior to their air date. They still have commercials, but you can bomb through the series if you wish. Glad to see the networks starting to adopt some of these new media ideas.

Watched the first hour. Really like the show so far. I am a huge DD fan and I like his interactions with his partner. Charlie is suitably creepy and it is cool to see David Meunier (Johnny Crowder from Justified) as his lieutenant. I think I am hooked in for now.