Arafat has left the Muktaa. On his way to france

to recieve medical care.
Now we have to wait and see what will happen in his absence.
If he lingers on for a ling time, chances are no major changes are to come, since it seems unlikely that any of his would be successors will dare make a move while he is alive.

When he dies - it might go either way. A new leadership unhindered by Mr. Arafat can take over and lead towards negotiations. Everybody involved: The Palestinians, Israel, USA and Europe will no longer have a scapegoat to blame for not being able to progress towards a solution, and maybe, just maybe things will inprove here at last.

On the other hand, all hell mught break loose in the PA. The old leaders - Abu Ala, Abu Mazen and the rest will face off against the younger leaders - Dachlan, Rajub, and both (who share the view that the Intifada has stopped serving the needs of the Palestinian nation, and that negotiations are a better way then terror) will have to deal with the leaders of groups like Hamas, Al Aktsa etc’ who wish to continue with terror attacks (or armed resistance if you prefer that term).

Either way it should be interesting here, so stay tuned :)

Is there any worry of an assassination attempt while he is in transit or receiving treatment outside of his friendly confines?

The clip I saw of him he looks horrible. I did not realize he had Alzheimers, either. Is he slowly becoming a figurehead with less and less input?

I’d guess every one is worried about an assassination (including Israel). Such an event will most likely inflame the region beyond anything seen before.
I don’t think he has Alzheimer. His lips has been trembling for years now, giving material for performers who imitate him.

All I can say is…

“Ailing Arafat in Paris for Treatment” is going to be hitting all the late night talk shows this week. :wink: