Arcade (style) Brawlers, Beat-Em-Ups, Belt Scrollers

Yeah, the SNES game was The Ninja Warriors Again in Japan and just The Ninja Warriors in the US and Europe. It’s much better than the arcade game and that’s what The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors (Ninja Warriors Once Again in Japan) is built on. It’s a remake with some additional levels and characters. Zuntata soundtrack again I believe.

Anyway, it was kinda late because it arrived early in 1994 but it was still prime 16-bit era. Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn were definitely known quantities by then but not yet released.

1994 is right the beginning of my dark spot for SNES games: we were all over the PC-Engine CDs and the Neogeo then. Pretty cool to have a game to look forward to, 25 years later!

Of course, I have been playing my Switch arcade games lately and I have been making some unlikely progress.
I’m going to make another shootout for the wonderful M30: I grab usually the Nintendo Pro gamepad as a reflex, but still proceed to play some arcade games with it, and the difference between the two pieces of hardware has been so funny. For instance in King of Dragons, I am hardly able to make it to level 3 with the Pro, while I reached level 6 with the M30.
Amazing gamepad.

The new King Of Fighters mobile game is apparently kind of a beat-em-up? I mean, as much as gacha games ever have mechanics.

So that’s weird.