Arcane: visit grimy Zaun and discover the story of Vi and Jinx

Big picture, what’s the show about? Fantasy? Science Fiction? Hero’s journey?

Did you watch the trailer?

It’s fantasy steampunk, magic mixing with industry. It’s characters at the forefront of that as well as those caught up in the class struggle.

Heh, I try to avoid trailers for anything I might watch, only watching trailers if I’m sure I won’t watch it. But that makes it hard to discover new stuff. :)

Thanks for the synopsis!

I just caught up, watching ep 3-6.
Damn, the series is good. Not only the incredible art direction and animation, the writing is actually pretty decent, and the direction itself has some nice moments well executed.

Just caught up with this, and agreed; people need to watch this show.

It made it to #3 on US Netflix this weekend and I heard it was #1 in 58 other countries.

Yo I just watched the first episode of this after avoiding LoL like the plague most of my adult life and this shit is CASH FUCKIN MONEY

This, like, +1, etc.

I’ve really enjoyed this so far. The story is so-so and pretty formulaic but the direction is excellent and the animation is spectacular. It’s great to see more Western anime. Hopefully its well deserved success will lead to more being greenlit.

I’m very curious about how the animation was created. Some of it looks almost like it was live action that was captured and then transformed. The whole series doesn’t look that way, but there are a huge number of frames rendered especially in the first few minutes. Actually, I think it’s the hair - maybe they are using some rendering engine to do hair blowing in the wind, and that makes the scenes look more “complex”?

I would super watch a how it was made on this show

I’m not surprised the series look so good and reflect the world and lore of the world Riot created so well.

They worked with Fortiche, a French animation studio which has been working with Riot for many years and produced many iconic Worlds songs videos and champion videos. Arcane, K/DA, Rise, Warriors, Get Jinxed. They know their League of Legends and are awesome at what they do.

Looks like they have also animated Agents of Mayhem:


In other news, really enjoyed the first six episodes of this goddamn

Sure, that makes sense, but I think if you’re going to come all that way, you should have a plan for what you do once you get there.

The second act lagged a bit for me at the beginning, but they got me back by the end. I’m sure I will binge the rest in short order tomorrow morning.

I’m also not really a League of Legends person, but I did play embarrassing amounts of it, like, nine years ago, and there’s a certain amount of dramatic irony present in “knowing” how some of the characters end up.

Hurr hurr hurr

badumtiss x 2

I accidentally spoiled a weapons upgrade for VI for myself looking at a wiki, so, I’m trying to be very cautious about looking anything else up till after all 9 have aired. I’m basically completely new to these characters + world and having a lot of fun not knowing where anything is going, apart from wildly foreshadowed tragedy all over the place :)

I’m starting to develop the opinion that League of Legends, specifically the 5v5 MOBA game, is the least interesting thing Riot has done.

Come visit. Ping me when you get here.

Don’t threaten me with an amazing time, sir :-D

I see what you did there.