Arcane: visit grimy Zaun and discover the story of Vi and Jinx

Never played a minute of League of Legends but this is great stuff. I am in love with almost all the characters, even the ones you are supposed to hate. The animation and character design is just fantastic.

The voice acting also nails it, imho.

I finally rolled around to Netflix again on my streaming service rotation and Arcane was first on my watchlist. Holy crap, this thing is good. I don’t much like where they ended things, but knowing season 2 is coming makes it bearable. (Unlike say, Warrior Nun, which took a good long while to announce season 2 and it’s still not out.) Also, I really dislike the Imagine Dragons theme song. And that’s about the end of my complaints, everything else about this thing was amazeballs. I’ve never been a LoL player but I do play their digital TCG, Legends of Runeterra, so I had some idea of the characters going in. Knowing some of where things were headed made zero difference because the writing on this was just that good. There’s lots to love in the first season but if I had to pick one thing that stands out, it’s probably the Ekko-focused episode 7. He’s a minor character in the story but might be my favorite, what with him actually creating something positive for the Undercity unfortunates, and of course that great fight scene at the end. And the music in that episode was outstanding.

Arcane in Annie awards: 9 wins for 9 nominations. Well done.

Note that Riot will launch a behind-the-scenes series later today on their YT channel.

Ah, there ya go.

Phenomenal show. I went into it completely blind, and spent the first 30 minutes completely confused as to how a 9 part 45 min long show could be so well crafted, until the story demanded I stop trying to work out the moving parts. Finding out it took them 5 or 6 years at a top creative studio where artists seem to rule the shots let me relax a bit, it wasn’t, I don’t know, El Guapo’s secret AI animation algorithm pooping it out.

My family heard me play the theme song every time. Didn’t let the kids watch though, the violence hits hard and some of it is quite squeemish (oof, that eye needle…)

Now I want copycats please, the more the merrier. More of this kind of thing to fill the gap between the next season, circa 2026…

If you watched the 4 or 5 documentaries (which are excellent. Highly recommended), you will know how much energy, money and in house talent Riot spent on this season. I don’t think you will get any copycats that satisfy you for quite a while.

That stunning style of animation is also a Fortiche signature style which won’t be replicated that easily I would think.

Sure sure… we won’t get anything nearly as good for a while, but I’d be happy with a few half decent copycats to cement the ‘trend’ into a viable avenue going forward. Maybe if Valve hears there are three other video game series adaptations suddenly in the works, they’ll jump on the boat with ‘Half Life - the animated series’ …

Seems to me Assassins’ Creed would have worked better as a series than a film, for example. The two hour film formula is so limiting.

Valve is already on that boat, with their MOBA even… Dota: Dragon’s Blood came out on Netflix a few months before Arcane.

It’d make for some pretty grim watching after Arcane though, it’s basically just an extruded anime product.

Wrote this off as a videogame spinoff cashgrab, but wow. The animation is utterly transfixing and storytelling hits a lot of familiar tropes, but is really heartfelt. Amazingly pleasant surprise.

Not sure how long it’ll continue, but excited for whatever more we get

It’s getting closer! November is still a long way away, but at least we have a date now.

As one of my all-time favorite tv experiences, I can only hope that season 2 measures up to the insane quality of the first. Sad that it’s still so far off but perhaps fitting in a rewatch is in the cards.

All the voice actors confirmed to return? Style looks to be in-line.

Recently watched this, and I’ll be the apostate when it comes to the show. Technically, the show is fantastically and gorgeously animated, but I started struggling with this at the halfway point. Hard to get past the videogame logic and world building and insane plot armor. Maybe it would have helped if I cared about the game and it’s characters in some way, but my one time playing it left me cold, so I don’t.

It’s not terrible (which makes it pretty good for a videograme show), but it’s tropey and personally I don’t think this is something I’d recommend to anyone who isn’t a fan of the games.

The teaser trailer for the second and final season of Arcane is up:

Out this November.

Riot mentioned in a different segment that they had a set ending in mind. This is where Arcane ends. However, their work with Fortiche to tell the story of other champions continues. They will have more to share about those upcoming ventures later this year (they mentioned “film and television”). But don’t hold your breath for anything soon. “Those things take time.”

That said, I can’t wait for season 2. Will rewatch the first this October.

I resemble this remark!

I’m happy to hear they have more in mind elsewhere in the Riotverse, but I hope they don’t miss the boat by taking too long. All it takes is for a more popular gaming fad to pop up, and no one cares about the story of Gareth or Gangplank or whoever.

So happy to hear s2 is on its way in Nov. S1 was one of my fave shows of all time in any genre and I cannot wait for more even if this is the end for this one.

Yeah, S1 was such a revelation, I’m chomping at the bit for more. So, so good.

In somewhat related news: