Anyone watch this? I didn’t expect much of it, but I watched it for the cast, which features H. Jon Benjamin in the lead and costars bunch of Arrested Development people, and it was actually not bad at all.

I thought it was fantastic when I had to manually punch it in as a To Be Announced show a few months ago. The Devil from Lucy only makes things better. Makes me wonder if Frisky Dingo was any good at all.

Not really. There were some funny ideas hiding in it, but it was mostly just kinda irritating.

Shoot, I missed it.

The first season of Frisky Dingo was awesome.

Don’t worry - it hasn’t technically aired yet. It premiers in January. FX is just flogging the hell out of the pilot, from what I can tell.

I’m watching this now, and it’s really good. I never saw Frisky Dingo, but I was a big fan of Sealab 2021, and this is very similar in tone.

Except no Adult Swim shows ever used the word “cock.” This one is pushing the envelope for sure.

I thought last night’s episodes had some really funny bits. I did not see the pilot back in December, but it didn’t take long to catch on to who was who. Some of it was vulgarity for simple shock value, but a lot of it was cleverly written. I was mildly amused to be watching a cartoon that had to throw out the TV-MA : LSV warning at each break.

My wife and I were rolling on the floor laughing during the first two episodes this week. They throw the lines fast and furious at you. Not everything sticks, but enough does.

I had expected the main character to be an idiot, but turns out he’s not, he’s actually quite bright and witty. He just doesn’t give a shit, and makes sure everyone knows it.

Now…can anyone explain “Johnny Bench Called” to me?

I saw lots and lots of ads for it while playing Madden 10.

Johnny Bench called.

I’ve never heard it either. I wouldn’t be surprised if Benjamin just made it up, but apparently it’s also the title of the guy’s book.

I do wish that I could hear Chris Parnell and not immediately think of Dr. Spaceman, but all things considered this show is kicking the crap out of animated television. I’m glad it’s on FX - we wouldn’t have gotten the “sucking a promotion” line on Adult Swim, but the folks at FX aren’t afraid to go hard at the mature rating.

From some reading I’ve done, I’m guessing he is also using it in direct reference to the fact his mother was masturbating under her desk. Bench was reputed to have had the biggest hands ever in baseball–there’s a famous photo of him holding 7 baseballs in one hand.

Damn, I missed it! Sounds cool though, gotta set the DVR now. :)

I’ve been waiting for this since the pilot. Thanks for reminding me, missed the first episode too.

K, I downloaded the first two episodes, and so far they’re HILARIOUS…OMG…the Dane Cook of Martial Arts…hahahahahahahaha…man this is awesome.

“God it’s like my brain’s that tree, and you’re those little cookie elves.”

Is it wrong that I have a crush on Lana that’s just based on the crush I have on Aisha Tyler? Funny AND gorgeous - powerful combination.

The secretary’s efforts to find a pregnancy test she could take online so she’d know right away had me LOL.

Nope, I’ve had a crush on Aisha Tyler ever since Talk Soup, so it’s transferred to the character for me as well…which might be a little creepy…good thing the show is funny. ;)

The “boink” moment when Archer was describing the locker room scene was one of the best things ever.

Hehehe, Sammy Gayvis Junior…hehhehehee

Nah, that’s why I have a crush on Carol/Cheryl.

“Then what is the right word? You freaked out when I said ‘quadroon!’”