Are all Apple Peripherals shit?

Yes it’s another Nellie whinge about apple stuff again and I am just having a rant.

My Time Capsule just died. So far my experience with Apple products lasting much past their 12 month warranty is not great. This time I do at least have apple care but for a backup device, now I’ve done some digging, it does seem to be notoriously unreliable.

So far of the 4 Apple products I’ve owned for any length of time (my ipod was nicked within weeks) only the Laptop so far has survived for much past the original 12 month warranty. it wouldn’t surprise me when I go upstairs in a minute to find the PC in flames but I’m hoping buying that a couple of weeks before the Quad Core 27" version came out has swallowed that bit of misfortune.

The only vague silver lining to this cloud is the discovery that you can configure a surprisingly effectively wireless network on both the Macbook and Imac. I figured out you could create a wireless network toying around with the keynote remote app but I’m relatively impressed that the range off the imac extends downstairs to the living room (and that it took me all of 30 seconds to configure it to share the internet connection).

I’m really looking forward to being told that they’ll no doubt want to keep the thing for a couple of days to fix it given that it’s got all my company accounts, contacts, emails, business plans and, I don’t doubt, a fair bit of porn on it. It’s not that I’ve got anything to hide, I just don’t want people nosing round my shit.

I try to love you Apple but you do seem to go out of your way to annoy me.

Which reminds me, I’ve got a month to stick apple care on the Iphone. Is Apple the only company where the extended warranty is an absolute necessity rather than a means to drain a bit more cash out of you?

The hardware in terms of laptops are great. My 4-year old MBP is going strong. That’s what you get for encasing your stuff in aluminum, rather than plastic like so many PC manufacturers. My Dell laptop developed cracks all over the place within a year.

But, yes, the Time Capsule is notorious in terms of reliability. AirPort isn’t that hot, either. I believe Apple’s had a recall on some models in the last year.

if it’s anything like the TC I’m guessing the Airport is very hot. Badum…tsch!

The recall on the TC goes back to 2008 but theres a 72 page thread on their support forums where every couple of days or so someone posts “and mine just died”. So far of the pages that I’ve read, I think I have the record of the later models at 13 months, most do seem to last for closer to two years.

Dlink get the last laugh I suppose as I bought the TC to replace the DNS232 as a backup device and it’s still sat in the background doing other things quite happily after 4 years or so but then it’s got a big arse fan on the back and you can’t fry bacon on it.