Are all iPod headphones this bad?

Slightly different from the normal headphone threads, I have no problem with the actual audio quality of my iPod earbuds. I know they’re nothing amazing, but they’re good enough for walking around campus and whatnot.

The pair that came with my iPod started to die. I assume it was a short in the wire or something, there were lots of clicks and pops in the audio as the wire moved around as I walked. It didn’t matter if I had the iPod clipped to my belt, in my pocket, held in my hand, etc., and there were no sharp kinks in the wire. Eventually it got to the point where just turning my head a little would cause one of stereo channels to drop out, so I called up Apple, found out that the headphones were included in the Apple Care warranty plan I had, and they dispatched a new pair (which arrived in less than 24 hours, good job on their part).

Now with the new pair, from the get-go, I still get faint little crackles and pops from just general movement of the cord as I walk. It’s not as bad as it was in the first pair, but it’s one of those things that the more you think about, the more you’re aware of until something else takes your mind off of it.

It did occur to me that I’ve been using this pair outdoors in a lot colder weather than the first set. In the morning when I’m walking to classes, the cord is a lot less flexible than the afternoons once it’s warmed up outside. Can this be having an effect, or am I just making up pseudoscience there?

So, anyone else had any experience with this with their iPod headphones? Should I bug Apple for a third pair? Should I look into something else? If so, anyone got any cheap earbud recommendations? If I got new buds, I’d be looking for something of comparable audio quality (i.e. nothing special, but not horrible), cheap price, and something that will stay in my ear comfortably when I’m jogging.

Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.

I’d guess that your problem is probably with the headphone jack, not the ‘phones themselves — there’s less clicking in the new pair because the plug is a tiny bit different. Try all your friends’ different brands of 'phones and see if they all click/drop out. If even some of them do, the jack is the problem.

Ah, I hadn’t even considered that, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

If it’s the jack you need to take the word “headphones” out of the topic title.