Are films like Eternal Sunshine and 500 Days of Summer good or bad date films?

So 500 Days of Summer just came out, it’s another one of those films that explores relationships in a more realistic manner, the ups and downs and what leads to them breaking up (ala Annie Hall and Eternal Sunshine). And it got me wondering if there’s a downside to taking a girl on a date to see this movie, or a movie like this. It seems kind of silly to suggest, since it’s not like these films aren’t telling us anything that either of us aren’t already aware of (hopefully). But I could see how a film like this could diminish the romantic spark you’re hoping to kindle that night. On the other hand, these films also illustrate just what makes so relationships so appealing, even the ones that don’t lead anywhere. So it could also help drive the couple seeing the movie together. Although I guess ultimately it depends on the circumstance of the date and the person you’re dating.

So what do you think?

(For those worrying about whether I’ve spoiled 500 Days, I’m just going by what the trailer has shown and supposedly what the opening scene shows. I haven’t seen the movie).

Films are bad dates in general, but I think this depends on the type of person one is bringing on the date. I sense a little fear that someone will see a movie like this, decide their whole way of life and everyone they’ve ever loved is bullshit, and suddenly have a change of heart with their feelings for you.

Please don’t compare 500 Days of Summer to Eternal Sunshine or Annie Hall.

How is 500 days of summer? I’m a sucker (well, not a total sucker) for quirky romance.

What date are we talking? These seem like terrible first few date movies (above and beyond the fact that like Pogo says movies in general make bad dates). It’s a little like talking about what you’ll name your kids on the second date (a LITTLE like it). If you’re in a relationship, though, then I can’t see why these would be bad, unless you have radically different takes on romance that are made salient by the movies (but then you’re probably already in trouble).

Watch more porn.

I highly recommend Irreversible as a great 1st date movie.

Exactly. Taking someone out to the movies is even worse than taking them out to dinner. Unless your already in a successful relationship, going to the movies is a terrible idea for a date, especially a 1st or 2nd date.

Watching a movie together at home (his or hers) on the other hand, is pretty much universally understood as a booty call. But of course, in that case it doesn’t really matter what the content of the movie is.

I support this. Also, In the Company of Men is a great date film.

Please don’t compare Eternal Sunshine to Annie Hall. Or to any other decent film.

B…B…But Kate Winslet!!

You sound like me in a thread about Christopher Nolan films.

Me and my black friends thought it was actually better than Annie Hall.

A friend of mine in high school actually went through with this. The relationship flourished.

Unless you mean ONLY taking someone to dinner, I think it’s a good idea to get something to eat on a date.


500 Days… saw that last night (alone, I might add). It’s cute, but I’m not sure if it’s happy. More realistic? No? It’s got some funny and some romance, but didn’t live up to the hype. I do like the song Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap from the film, though.

Well, I took a first date to see Life Is Beautiful – her idea, not mine. Oddly, she seemed to enjoy the movie while I did not, and I found it difficult to fake enthusiasm for the whole thing. So yeah, no love connection there.

edit: I didn’t notice until just now that Benigni’s character in the film was named Guido Orefice. OK, my appreciation of this movie just, I don’t know, let’s say doubled.

Not film-related, but the way the thread is going…
I took my East European date to an exhibition on trafficking!

My girlfriend really likes movies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so we pretty much had to see it as soon as she saw the trailer. It’s no Annie Hall, but…


…its flashes of brilliance–the bit with real life fading into scribble, the split screen between Expectation and Reality, the surprising cameo from a fictional character–more than made up for the parts where everyone was trying too hard to be cute and quirky and hipsteriffic.

And the end of the movie, with Joseph settling into Autumn, negates the marketing posture that this is some kind of anti-rom-com. It’s a good date movie in the sense that, hey this particular date might go well, or not, but there might be a hotter, more interesting person to watch movies with.


One time I took a girl to see City Of God. All I knew about it was that it had something to do with crime, had really good performances from non-professional actors, and the nation of Brazil was pissed that it wasn’t nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. It was an awesome movie, but there was no second date.