Are many people still playing Warcraft III?

I’ve thought about getting the DoW:WA expansion, but then I realized that not a ton of people seem to play DoW multiplayer (at least on the online server, and I have no friends who play games regularly).

It strikes me that I’ve never played Warcraft III, and for the same price as the DoW expansion, I can get Warcraft III with all of its expansions.

I know at one time there were thousands upon thousands of people playing Warcraft III. I’ve also heard that because so many people were playing, and because of the Battlenet matching service, you were more likely to get a game against someone of your level (i.e. old and slow in my case), as opposed to other RTSs, where you seem to get matched against the guy who slaughters you in 30 seconds.

Is that still the case? Is there still a big player base playing Warcraft III?

Well there is still a big playerbase for Diablo, Diablo II, and Starcraft, so I would venture a guess of “Yes” on WCIII.

I believe so, if the historic trend hasn’t changed. If there is any game with a wide spetrum of skill for all levels of play and a constantly large community, its a Blizzard RTS. Although i haven’t played War3 in several months.

There are plenty of people still playing. You can get a game against those of your level pretty easily I think. Personally, I like Age of Mythology for that kind of matching and still play that whenever I can on Ensemble Studios Online. Finding good matches on there is just as easy, ranked or unranked.


Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of that. Somehow Age of Mythology never really appealed to me. Warcraft III never did either, but I’ve come to realize that RTSs like Rise of Nations just do not develop the critical mass (and just as importantly, often have absolutely horrid matchmaking services) to make playing them multiplayer any fun.

I’ll have to think about it and see if there is a collection with the basic game and expansion.

[EDIT: Of course another concern that pops to mind is that everyone is going to be dumping Age of Mythology for Age of Empires III in a month, no matter how crappy AoE III ends up being. And I know I’m sick of Age of Empires at this point]

There’s still a large playerbase for all the mod multiplayer games of War III. DOTA, tower defense and its ilk and things like that.

Actual multiplayer War III seems divided into two camps. The uber-micro players training for the next WCG and the casual players who most turn out to be kids, or reasonable facsimilie of immature players. so I don’t know.

But if you can get it cheap, I whole heartedly recommend buying it and trying the multiplayer out over DOW:WA first.

Age of Mythology is significantly different from Age of Empires III that I think a lot of folks will keep on playing. I’ve also found the playerbase to be pretty mature at this point. Not a whole lot of ranting or quitting or that stuff.


I haven’t played in a good while but I doubt there are many people who play WC3 on BNET regularly who are old and slow which I am reading as meaning bad(correct me if I am wrong). Seems like most of the bad players play custom mods.

It’s sad: RoN of all those games mentioned is the best, really, with AoM a strong, more accessible second, and they both have pretty mature communities now. WC3’s has always been worst, IMHO. So has its game play, compared to the others, BUT it has a thriving, Blizzard-driven community.

I’ve just in the past week gotten very much into DoW and I ran out and got the expansion two days ago, something I rarely do. It’s quite a fun game, though you have to, like RoN, “look under the hood a bit.”

If anyone wants a game of any of the above, I’m natusm on X-fire.

I think it’s completely a cause and effect relationship you’ve got there.

I’ve played through the campaigns of about 20 RTS games that I have on my bookshelf right now. I’m not going to load them up again to play through the campaign again. No one has been able to come up with a really good humanlike AI for a RTS yet, age of empires II and War III come close but they are predictable and both resort to cheating at the higher levels. Also the secret to kicking some ass it to build lots of towers which is pretty lame after your second victory.

What gives a RTS longevity is multiplayer. Warcraft III has hands down the best multiplayer matcher on the planet, you can get a game within a couple of minutes, you’re matched with someone with fairly equal skill and it works with firewalls, something that no other game company has figured out. So out of 20 RTS games the only two I have installed are Warcraft III for multiplayer and Warlords Battlecry III for single player.

Because of how fast I burn through these games I probably won’t buy another RTS until Blizzard comes out with one or until another publisher makes a service as slick as

There are shitloads of people on B net for Warcraft 3. My favorite spot, which I have raved about frequently, is the custom game section on the server. Lots of unique and interesting games played there. Try some! You gotta download them to play, but I heartily enjoy games like X Tower, Defense of the Ancients, and all the other wacky games out there.

Yeah well said. Custom games are really where Blizzard RTS games start to shine in multiplayer once they age. I had more fun playing Diplomacy games in Starcraft than I had in the entire single player campaign, and standard multiplayer games combined. There are very skilled mapmakers out there.