Are there any pocket PC gamers here?

Here is a review for all pocket PC games:

I think some of those games look pretty cool. I especially like some of the sports games that the site has reviewed. Age of Empires looks pretty good also.

So how is gaming on a pocket PC? Are the buttons a pain in the ass? How would you compare a pocket PC to say… the game boy advance? Which games are better?

What are the limitations and drawbacks when gaming on a pocket PC? I also noticed that you can download the games? I guess that is the main way to purchase pocket PC games? via download?


Oh… check out tennis addict:

And soccer addict:


I have quite a few games for my iPAQ HP5455 and they’re great. Buttons, controls etc are all comfortable.

I have Scrabble, Chess, Ms Pacman, Snails and the Hexactor Ultimate Game Pack which I bought at Handango and which contains both Soccer and Tennis addict.

I’m also big into Pocket PC games, although I just started when I got my new PDA last Christmas. They’re great for the train ride to/from work when I don’t feel like reading a book.

My experience has been that the graphics and controls on the games are usually pretty good. I find myself shying away from conversions, though–I think games like AOE and Ultima Underworld can be tough to play because they’re not meant to be played on such a small screen. I prefer games that are custom-designed for the PPC. I think I’m in the minority on that, though.

Download is definitely the way to buy these games. They’re all pretty small by necessity. In fact, that’s pretty much the ONLY way to get them (don’t get duped by in-store CDs like I did–they contain pretty much nothing but demos and time-locked trial versions, so you’ll be forced to DL the games anyway).

I love my Jornada for emulation. I have PocketMame and a NES emulator that works very well, but not perfectly. I love being able to bring it to a meeting and being able to play some Burger Time, 1942, Kid Icarus, or Baseball Stars while I’m “paying attention.” I also have Zio Soft’s Sim City port for the Pocket PC and enjoy that as well.

So how is gaming on a pocket PC?

Depends on the game, some are great, some suck, some ports are great(age of emp./ultima underworld/speedball 2), some suck (simcity/shadowgate), and there are many many fine emus from NEs to GG, to TG16 to atari ST and pocketdos (both great, Pdos can run wing commander and such)

Are the buttons a pain in the ass?

depends on your device, older compaqs are terrible, almost evrything else is fine (if you get a dell you need a patch and you’ll be fine control wise)

How would you compare a pocket PC to say… the game boy advance?

Well, I wouldnt, except they both play GBC games just fine. ebooks killed my eyes on my gba though… the lit screen is nicer but with the SP thats a non-issue. It’d depend on the game, advance war is better than pocketwar for example, but Alein Crush on a tg16 emu beats out pinball of the dead. Old lucasarts games beat the crap out of gba adventures like broken sword.

Which games are better?

Ultima Underworld is my fav, flipit (a flipbook app) is my favorite thing to ‘play’ with on it though, awesome little app and only 5 bucks.

What are the limitations and drawbacks when gaming on a pocket PC?

no limits that annoy other than pocketquake being slow. eats your time up I guess. xcom and privateer wont run on pocket dos, so that makes me sad.

I also noticed that you can download the games?

Yeah, in general anything you see in a store on a shelf is going to be shitty casino games. Or shit puzzle games, get the genesis emu and puyo puyo and then the nes emu and casino kid or something.

I guess that is the main way to purchase pocket PC games? via download?

Yep, some are easy and some have goofy reg codes and/or handango will forget to give you a code.

“NES emulator that works very well, but not perfectly”

shop around there are a few, yameCE runs gbc/NEs stuff 100%, just that its hard to find the last version (the good one) and the setup is tricky and japanese.

pocket sarien, pocketscumm are must have as well. (old sierra and old lucas games)

I have Pocket Pool and it is fun for a little bit and then I lose interest.

Sorry. I held off all day yesterday, but had to get it out.

Wanted to resurrect this thread, because I’ve found a couple of NES and Game Gear emulators that run absolutely swimmingly.

Pocket Nester is the absolute cream of the crop of current NES emulators for the Pocket PC. It offers almost complete emulation, at over 60 fps, with full sound on my Axim X5. The only game that I’ve found that it has a problem with is Castlevania 3… which back in the day, even Nesticle couldn’t cope with.

CE/GG is the SMS/Game Gear equivalent. There’s a lesser choice of great SMS games, but Phantasy Star works perfectly with first sound, as does the great Game Gear Shining Force game, which I’d never played before and is absolutely incredible. Any other SMS/GG games I should be aware of?

As usual, Planet Emu, run by the freedom loving frogs, is an indespensible and trustworthy repository for a library of roms, proving once again that there are reasons not to nuke Paris besides the d’Orsay and the French gastronomic excellence in the field of waffles. That naggy, high-pitched whine you’ll psychically sense in the back of your mind will be Adam from Sierra beaming his impotent rage directly into your cerebellum while simultaneously evacuating his bowels into his cushy developer’s leisure chair.

I have yet to find any SNES or Genesis emulators that will run at even half full speed (with sound off) on my Axim. I think the Axim’s bottle neck is its graphics chip. Anyone found any good ones?

There is a decent GG version of gunstar heroes and golden axe something something (hero? legend? gaiden?) is a decent lil’ rpg. Nice puyo puyo version too.

Also, there is some rpg that looks nearly as good as golden sun, has realtime zelda style combat, similar art style to golden sun, and it’s a GG game, but I cant recall the name. Very very nice looking.

non-GG: Also a must for the GBC emu is the last dragon warrior game on the GBC, I play that sucker all the time, it looks almost like a GBA title. Great game. also the actual cart somehow looks even better on the GBA-SP, but it’s fine emulated on the ppc.

Oh- and FYI, pocketsnes bleeding edge version plays FF6 nicely on a 200mhz ARM Toshiba, not sure if that emu has xscale problems or not, but if you should give it a shot for sure. Some games are unplayable, some are fine.