Are there enough dinosaur pics to fulfill the need at Qt3?

I am not sure there are enough.

I’ve been waiting for weeks for someone to ask “what the hell is going on with all the dinosaur pics?” so I wouldn’t have to. But I simply can’t figure it out from the clues I have been given. I feel like I’m in a Jane Jensen game and I don’t have access to Does it have to do with “this thread should become extinct” or something? I feel like a newbie who’s asking what LOL means.

I think someone came up with the idea to post dinosaur pictures everytime Bill Huffman or Derek Smart posted in a thread attacking the other. It was a way to defuse the situation or something and usually ended up with 2-3 pages of dino pics. :D

I direct you to this post.

There’s a thread about that here.

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Bite my spiny ass.

Ahhh…thanks. It all makes sense now.