Are there other games like Academagia?

I’m really enjoying this little indie game. It reminds me of King of Dragon Pass, in a way. It’s all text based, and you make choices and the game tells you what happened. However, there are plenty of stats. In fact, it’s very complicated, with tons of skills and sub-skills and spells and phemes (spell add-ons that enhance the effects). I find it charming, if a bit overwhelming at times because of all the options for character development and the need to develop a wide variety of skills to succeed.

I’m not necessarily recommending this game to others. It probably wouldn’t suit a lot of gamers, but I love it.

So are there other games like this?

I won’t know until I’ve played it, but thanks for the tip. (I came into this topic expecting something like Violet.)

I have been hesitant to pull the trigger based on the reservations found in the dedicated thread and the price. I too would be interested in similar games. I don’t know how we could have misses them though. :)

I haven’t really tried playing it much, but I think I would really prefer it if they had, say, 10 skills with 2 sub-sets for a total of 20-30 stats to keep track of, rather than however many they actually have.

I didn’t play it nor Academagia, but I think Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! is in the same vein.

I somewhat agree, though I think the amount they have adds to replay, and keeps the game interesting. You will never be good at everything, so you’ll always have some tough decisions.

But I’m not really trying to debate the game itself. There’s a thread for that. I’m just wanting some suggestions for similar games.

Sorry about that, it does kind of sound like the Tokimeki games Angie did a play-through of.

If you are looking for a nice looking 2D game with stats, you could check out Kudos 2. I played the first one, and it was pretty fun.

Thanks! I tried Spirited Heart, which was suggested in the Tokimeki thread, but I didn’t like it at all. The blackjack mechanic for doing everything was awful, IMO. There were some other winterwolves games that looked good though.

Doesn’t Cute Knight operate similarly in some ways? Not nearly as deep though.

Does Cute Knight have the gamble mechanics for jobs as well? I can’t remember…
I found that the big downfall of Spirited Heart as well, besides that I quite liked what I saw in the demo.
I’ll check the Cute Knight demo out tomorrow, see what that was like again. That did have a bit of (optional) dungeon crawling in it though IIRC. I was planning on looking at that anyway, I still have 10% off at Big Fish games this month and they have Cute Knight.

Has anyone tried the demo of the Flower shop, Summer Session or the Heileen series? They might be more similar to what the OP wants:

Actually, on that cite, Magic Diary looks closest. But they still aren’t text based games in the same way. Maybe there will be a sequel to Academagia.

Space Rangers 2 might fill your need. It has the complexity, and at times just outright has text games you can play for extra resources.

Like Space Rangers, King Arthur has a small component of text-based quests. I think they added a lot to the game despite the small amount of time you spent doing them. It was reminiscent of the way Merlin was always gallivanting off to do his own little quests in Arthurian legend. I haven’t gotten around to playing all the expansions for KA, but hopefully they continued to have the text-based quests.

The game mechanics are very different. I wouldn’t consider them comparable.

Academagia was a giant mess when I played it. I wonder if it has been cleaned up at all.

Isn’t DHSGIT just the same four mini-games endlessly repeated? It looked great but turned out to be terrible. And I really, really wanted to be able to zoom out.

Yeah, that it is. I persisted until the end, but Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! should have been rethought as a game. As a refreshing concept, setting, sensibility and plot it was nice. The RPG angle felt half-baked, I didn’t need to upgrade or change my crew around much. Some of the minigames were too hard and required taking notes and others were too easy.

Yeah, Academagia is kinda like Princess Maker or Persona or those awful Japanese dating games.

Awful? Did you miss Angie’s thread!?

But I get your point. As a game, it’s about making friends and such. It has some deep flaws, I’m sure. Again, I’m not recommending Academagia to people, but for some reason, I love the game.

Space Rangers 2 is a good suggestion. I have it, and played it back when it came out and enjoyed it. But I never got very far. Something else must have come up. Maybe I should fire it up again, as it is kind of close. But it’s still more loot/power oriented than Academagia. I find the lite them refreshing, though the system itself is still very (perhaps overly) detailed, even obscure at times.

Because of Robert Sharp I’m now playing this game. Things are getting a bit clearer as the first semester passes, but the interface is still somewhat confusing, I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to be doing (but I just decided to focus on getting my Enchantment (Enchantment!) skills up), and I have the feeling I’m playing a bit too slow for the beginning of the game.