Are these old political buttons worth any money?

I found these today while going through some of my (long-deceased) dad’s old things. I thought they were pretty cool but I’m not sure how collectible they are. It’s nice to know the tradition of crapping on politician’s wives didn’t start with the Clintons (“I don’t want Eleanor either”) and the “No Third Term” one kinda shocked me. I’ve gotten so used to presidents only being around for at most two terms.

I don’t know much about Willkie and I have no idea what election the Landon-Knox GOP button is for. And who is Dickmann? And what’s the Garner-Roosevelt-Stark button referring to?

One day they will help you steal the Declaration of Independence.

They are completely worthless.

I will pm you my address so that you can mail them to me for safe disposal… :)


Seriously though, I doubt they’re THAT valuable, as they’re not THAT old, and were probably distributed in large numbers. I’d guess these are the kinds of things that a fair number of people held on to and tossed in shoe boxes or whatnot.

Still, you can see for yourself - go to ebay and see what stuff like this SELLS for (as opposed to what people ask for).

Also, Landon was the Republican candidate for president in '36. Not sure about the others, but I would imagine Google and/or Wikipedia would help you figure it all out.

I think they’re cool, but would rather have a Black Lotus.

Alpha, Beta, or Unlimited?

I love vintage political buttons and have been collecting them ever since I was given a bunch. If you figure out what they’re worth/what you want for them, will you offer me right of first refusal?

Edit: I wish you had the other campaign pin for Willkie, as it is hilarious:

This guy might know!

the “reelect dickmann” one is priceless

Sure but I really have no idea what they’re worth. I’ll be spending some time trying to figure that out. I also have duplicates of some of them and I didn’t include them in the picture.

Dammit, I just opened this thread and I was hoping no one had commented on that yet. You win this time, russell…