Are we going to talk About the January NPD numbers?

360 was clearly having supply problems back then though while that doesn’t appear to be a PS3 issue.

It’s a nice perspective to look at things without the 360’s 1-year head start, but that 1-year head start counts. For everything. Especially in the USA.

What these numbers really say is: “The PS3 is almost exactly one year behind the Xbox360.” The difference is, one year ago, the Xbox360 had supply issues holding back its sales. The PS3 doesn’t.


The 360 also didn’t have to compete with the Wii and a mature similar-gen competitor. I’m just saying that the strident cries of doom are overdone around here. Especially considering the price… sheesh that’s alot of money spent on PS3s without alot of games to play on em. Considering how much is also being spent on 360s, Wiis and PS2s… it seems like a healthy market.

Well add +1 for March. I got the Resistance box. :(

Double Edit: Oh, yes, the console market overall is very, very healthy. Good point, agreed.

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Black is white. Up is down.

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The amount of money? Those who buy the PS3 are getting very little more for that extra expense than those who buy Wiis get. And Sony is losing both money and marketshare, despite all the money spent. The money is wasted at this point – burned cash, achieving very little value for both buyer and seller.

The fact that the PS3 is doing about as well now with an oversupply as the 360 did a year ago with production problems makes things WORSE for the PS3. Not better.

The PS3 needs to be playing catch-up, and it’s not.

Bad, bad news.

Console market overall, that is. If that wasn’t clear (oops).

THAT is an amazing stat to read.

Rocky 3, right?

Oh yeah, the irony is fun: bringing in probably twice the money over the comparable period (considering the premium/tard pack ratio difference) and losing probably twice as much, all at the same time.

On I believe 1 up they were talking about a survey out there that asked, “If Metal Gear Solid 4 was available first for the Xbox 360, would you be more or less interested in buying an Xbox 360.”

On another note, WOOHOO CRACKDOWN. Almost half a mil for an original IP with only 8 days of sales in the month? Fuck yeah! Sequel here we come!

Also bodes very well for new major titles this year – Ken and company have to be salivating at the thought of Bioshock. They must be thanking God that Bioshock is going to ship before Halo 3… even if it’s only a month before…

Mass Effect, on the other hand, is gonna get the Halo 3 whammy. In fact we’re kind of in a 360 title release drought right now and I don’t see it getting better very quickly. What’s the next big title?

Guitar Hero 2 April 2nd. Forza 2 in May if you’re a car guy (I’m not) Oh, and rumblings are Mass Effect could be this summer. There’s some speculation of MS Studios releasing a game a month starting in May.

there’s not much for anything hitting soon, but GHII and forza as mentioned should take the edge off (as a car guy, forza 2 is easily my most anticipated game of all)

C&C3 should be out soon if you didn’t play on the pc, shadowrun, lets not forget the halo 3 beta at some point – we may as well count it. there’s gotta be some third party stuff coming out soon

I’ve got my preorder down for Forza. I can’t wait for it.

Those numbers for Sony are poor, but this is a company sitting on games like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Gran Turismo, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, SOCOM, etc. They also have the strongest first party development arsenal.

Sony may not be doing too well on the sales sprint, but the Playstation and Playstation 2 have shown that they know how to control distance running.

I still believe that people are focusing too heavily on Sony’s problems and spending too little effort addressing Microsoft’s problems, such as:

  1. Several critical games that have been pushed back until late in the year
  2. A first party development stable that can’t seem to create a killer app unless “Halo” is attached to the title
  3. Bad mojo in the hardware department
  4. No traction in Japan, lukewarm sales in Europe
  1. define “late”. Halo 3 hasn’t been pushed back. Mass Effect has no date at all. same for too human. forza is coming soon.
  2. so? attach halo to every title and sell 425k in a week. I don’t think anyone cares how you do it when you do those kinds of numbers
  3. hasn’t caught up to em yet
  4. fuck japan, they’re only buying wii’s and ds’s anyway. VF3 sold 53k in march in the us. capcom meanwhile sold – well, we’ll have to wait until they stop rolling in their moneybin to add up total sales of dead rising and lost planet but you get the picture. What is there to indicate that european gamers will be more apt to spend MORE money on a ps3 than US gamers have been, with the exact same games and somewhat reduced backwards compatibility?

Oh, quite honestly, the only difference between Microsoft and Sony to me is that Sony’s just doing an even worse job than Microsoft is. I don’t believe that either of the devices they built this generation have very much potential, and the ridiculous sales figures of the Wii/DS versus anything Sony and MS make just shows it. To think that the Wii is supply-limited, no less.

Nintendo prints their own money right now.

You can’t be number 1 without Japan. You need their developers and you need their market, which is the 2nd largest in the world. If you want to be a regional player, then yeah, “Fuck Japan”. Microsoft wants to rule the console world, and they need japan to do that.

In regards to Halo, if Bungie missteps the whole house of cards around the halo mystique could fall. And then what is left? Fable?

Capcom is definitely happy with the sales of Dead Rising, but I wouldn’y say the same about Lost Planet. They shipped 1 million units and well over 50% are still on the shelves.

Nicely done! That’s not the best spin that I’ve seen yet–the award for that still goes to the guy on GAF who claims that Sony kicked Microsoft’s ass in February if you go by revenue (and also add in revenue for the PSP and PS2). That was a really good one on all sorts of levels, and more so because he was serious. The illustrated one below was also really good, but I docked some points since it’s obviously a joke:

Still, “especially considering the price” is a solid effort. I give it an 8.2 out of 7-9. It’s a good replacement for December’s “let’s just wait until the NPD numbers are in,” which has, I’ll grant you, lost a bit of it’s punch. “Especially considering the price” seems like a reasonable replacement, though. I mean, how well can anyone expect the PS3 to do, considering the price? The answer, as I predicted in December, is [I]exactly this well.

[/I]You want doom and gloom? The Xbox 360, at the height of its massive fuckup of a launch, in its worst-selling month to date, with severe supply shortages that made it literally impossible to find, outsold the PS3 for the same month last year. And as others have pointed out, it’s also sold a lot of units in all the intervening months since then. This isn’t like some sort of weird relay race where Microsoft has to sit out for a year while Sony takes a lap. Their early lead counts. And it’s not like 360 sales are going to slow–if anything, the opposite. They have a killer lineup this year, with big AAA releases every month for the rest of the year (Guitar Hero 2, Forza 2, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon, GTA4, Project Gotham 4, and the 800 lb. gorilla, Halo 3). And they’ll almost certainly have a price drop. That’s going to be like hitting the afterburners as far as hardware sales are concerned, because cost is clearly a big issue with consumers right now (see Wii sales vs. 360 sales vs. PS3 sales). And I don’t really expect the Wii to slow, either. You wanna see some real action? Wait until Mario hits.

To reiterate what others have already said, Sony is in some deep shit. A large percentage of the shit depth is almost certainly price-driven, and Sony may simply not have the ability to fix that at this stage of the game. It’s going to get ugly. Scratch that–it’s already getting ugly.

My favorite part of the Sony hope is how there’s always that one game just around the corner that will start a landslide of PS3 sales that could bury a large city in money. It’s the Gamecube Argument all over again.

Not going to happen, people. History tells us that you just don’t catch up when you get this far behind.

…and Ben, not only was 360 supply constrained and still outsold PS3 comparing 360 LY Feb to PS3 TY Feb, the Wii is still selling out everywhere and Nintendo sold DOUBLE BOTH OF THEM for that same period.