Are we prepared for the Pornocalypse?



Basically, porn sites that rely on performers and studios that shoot in America (and specifically California and Florida, etc.) that haven’t already exhausted their backlogged content will exhaust that content in the next few weeks…at least any porn that involves more than one performer appearing on camera. Most porn studios and performers have shut down normal production operations due to coronavirus/COVID-19.

Apparently some performers are doing solo work/custom shoots/camgirl-style work. But it seems like it could be a long, long time until it is safe (or as safe as things get, though apparently many reputable US studios require twice-monthly STI checkups, which was news to me) for studios to create content with couples or multiple performers again.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that there has been so much porn made in the last 20 years, that they could easily recycle and I would never catch on.

Or they could just start releasing the weekly highlights starting back in January 2000 and bring back that nostalgia for the more hairy years.I wonder if porn stars get residuals? yeah, right!

A lot of porn these days is from the Pornhub “community.” Just amateur couples fucking. Some of it’s better than the fake professional shit, anyway. There will still be plenty of that.

Seems like it should be a very WFH friendly job, at least if you could get a few performers to live together…

I sort of wondered if some longstanding studios would try remastering their older content. But I think that’s difficult too, y’know?

From the early 1980s to mid-aughts especially, videotape was the medium for porn, and I’m not sure you can do anything to restore, remaster, or fix videotape’s shitty resolution and terrible image quality.

And then stuff that was shot on digital in the early 2010s is also going to look pretty rough. Something shot with 480p at the source isn’t really going to be fix-able.

So for recycled porn, I think the “quality” windows are probably the really old stuff from the 1970s that was shot on film stock, and stuff from about the last 5-7 years.

And you do raise a great question when you talk about residuals. :) I doubt it, but maybe there are some high profile performers that were able to get those kind of clauses into their contracts.

I think that goes against the FSC guidance, not that there won’t be performers who don’t care about such things.

A really good point, and it’s interesting that this is an industry where the workers can absolutely seize the means of production, so to speak. ;)

I have no doubt that many performers are going with paid community hubs and their own websites and such, and can operate outside of major production companies. But…that’s going to mean a lot of solo work and not couples work.

Nobody other than pornhub made much money in porn for years anyway, because pornhub (and other similar sites) steal everything under the umbrella of “user-submitted content”. Porners make most of their money camming, stripping, or hooking. The actual porn just gets their name out there. So really their income would be impacted by restrictions on feature dancing and prostitution.

There are a ton of couples on camsites and Pornhub, etc. Not as many as solo performers, certainly, but a ton.

And I could absolutely see porn studios setting up reality TV type scenarios where X number of tested corona-negative porn stars stay together on a closed set and get periodic supply deliveries so there’s minimal chance to get the virus.

Isn’t there some kind of national porn reserve we can dip into?

That’s only for wartime.

And only for the Feds.

Facebook has people who have to wade through and remove that shit too.

Basically the “big brother” show we all wanted to see.

Can I just thank the three of you for the combined laugh I got out of this in the thread?

Also, we all know the national porn reserve wasn’t for the Feds, only for Jared and the Trump family. In these dire times, will NOBODY think of the poor White House needs?

At what point would an actor resort to being paid for authorized deepfakes to be made? Is the tech there? I don’t want to live in this world, for the record.

In the past there were dildos based on rubber casts made by actual celebrities. Does that count as a “deepfake”? I mean, it’s not the “real deal”.

There are folks using AI to turn 120-year-old film footage to 4K. Surely they can focus their considerable skills and technology towards making 80s porn great again.

Make it so

From a data perspective PornHub releases some interesting data about their overall viewership, usually when tied to big events.

When they released the data for the solar eclipse a few years ago, you could track in almost real-time where the eclipse was by decreased viewership.