Are you a partner, or a visionary?

I got a charity solicitation in the mail today from an organization that I used to volunteer with/for. I’ll probably give them a bit of money. I went to look at the giving envelope and, as with so many charities, it has suggested ranges and labels.

Partners: $1-$99
Benefactors: $500-$999
Visionaries: $1,000-$2,499
and so on…

On the one hand, I chuckled a bit to myself. Who falls for this label stuff? On the other hand, I had a flash of thinking - gee, can I get a cool title for giving $X?

Years of D&D and other games have trained me to strive for cool sounding titles and rewards.

These charities, they are not stupid…

Guilt + meaningless title = feel good citizen?

Some organizations let you pick your own title when you donate a certain amount. ;)

  • Alan

My wife was greatly amused by a theatre company she collaborated with - one of their donation titles was “Enabler” - and coming from a family background of alcohol and drug abuse, it struck her as funny that they thought that was a good title to give out!

Isn’t the highest title “Clear”?

Oooh, pick out my own title!

I think I’ll go with Spider Bane.

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When you can snatch this post from my browser, young social worker, then you will truly be a new romantic.

Hey now, don’t temp Chet to do it. He’ll do it! Just ask zx.

Hey Doctors Without Borders . . . if I’m such a Visionary, how about sending a cute nurse over to my house?

For our theatre company we had:

Supreme Beings
The All Seeing and All Knowing

Because if you’re going to go over the top, you might as well go over the top.


I can’t find a quick google reference for it now, but some time ago I found some information that explained that in some religious military orders, they had the Donate X, receive Title Y arrangements. In fact, the term “Donat”, was one of them in one order. As I recall, there was a rank of titles for non-clergy members who were essentially the donors.

/me wishes he had the OED.